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In Defense of the Truth

A priest who saw heaven, hell, and purgatory - Fr. Jose Maniyangat, Feb. 2018

Letter from Oahu, Hawaii - Dec. 5., 2015

Letter to a Friend in Singapore - and the new Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Krubong, Malaysia, September 27, 2015

A True Story: The "Hail Mary" is a Powerful Prayer - by Steve Ray, November 19, 2011

How Learning about Mary's Miracles Blew My Mind - Albert Little, February 10, 2015

Pilgrims from Europe visit Naju, Korea, - Sep. 7, 2013, First Saturday

Testimony of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis to the Eucharistic Miracle in the Vatican - February 28, 2010 (Italian)

Homily by Fr. Francis Su - First Saturday, November 3, 2012 in Naju

Response to a request for a relic from Naju - April 26, 2012

Naju and the Third Secret of Fatima - Judy Navarrete (Holy Week 2012)

Testimony of Joe Galanthay - Fragrance of rose from Mary's Touch article (July 2011)

Testimony by two pilgrims from England (June 2011)

A Letter to a Friend on Our Lady's Victory (February 18, 2011)

A Call to Catholic Faith and Mission - Testimony of Benedict Sang M. Lee (July 18, 2010)

A Report on Mary's Touch By Mail (July 12, 2010)

An Eyewitness Testimony to the Eucharistic Miracle in the Vatican on February 28, 2010 (Frau Cäcilia Pohl, November 1, 2010)

Testimonies of the Bishop, Priests and Religious on Naju (October 19, 2009)

An Excerpt from Julia Kim's Diary (August 27, 1980)

Testimony of Susanna Park (Jan. 2008)

Testimony of Michaela Kim (Dec. 2007)

A Letter to the Blessed Mother of Naju in the Month of May —Prayer Group of Mary's Ark of Salvation

Holy Week (2007) in Naju was a grace-filled experience —Fr. Donald Lasap

My Reformed Life as a Priest —Fr. Aloysius Hong-Bin Chang

Testimony of Lucia Hwang

Testimony of Juliana Lee

Testimony of Mira Guizot

The Call and Healing Grace in the Blessed Mother's House in Naju —James Ling

My family is being sanctified by turning my life into prayers and by practicing the Blessed Mother's messages of love —John the Baptist Ji-Sung Kim

My legs were restored to the same length —Andrew Han-Ghil Kim, March 7, 2004

"This must be a miracle from Heaven!" —Theresa Park

The graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju are spreading in China also —Anna Soon-Jung Kang

My ear, inflamed for 59 years, was healed! —Camilla Yang-Shim Choo

My brain damage was healed thanks to the graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju! —Lucia Sul-Kyung Lee, February 7, 2004

17th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears of blood —Romulo Tae-Ho Lee, October 19, 2003

'One fewer pasqueflower' —Romulo Tae-Ho Lee, November 9, 2003

'I was given a new life in my soul through my daughter's suffering' —Michael Hong

'If the doctor could not see any hope, the Blessed Mother certainly would' —Maria Kim, February 3, 2002

A great love from the Blessed Mother that I cannot keep to myself —Theresa Lee, September 2, 2001

'Thank you, Blessed Mother, for freeing my brother from the devil of alcoholism' —Susanna Park, September 2, 2001

'I was so amazed and overjoyed that I felt like flying in the sky' —Veronica Chung, September 2, 2001

'Abortion is murder' —Anastasia Koh, August 4, 2001

'She can now walk without a cane' —Gawamoto Gatsuko, August 4, 2001

New Spanish Edition of Messages of Love distributed at the Conference of Bishops and Priests in Monterrey, Mexico

'My husband, who was threatening me with divorce, is now helping me with pilgrimage to Naju' —Maria Won, August 4, 2002

'It was not an optical illusion but a sign of the Blessed Mother's presence' —Anna Oh, August 4, 2002

‘Their lives were like candlelights flickering before a strong wind’ —Victorina Oh, July 21, 2002

'Mother! Did you forgive this sinner already?' —Francesca Kim, July 7, 2002

'I have become more convinced Jesus is alive and present with us' —Agatha Lee, July 7, 2002

'The Blessed Mother's messages in Naju are like a spring that can quench our spiritual thirst' —Maria Lee, June 30, 2002

'In my whole medical career I have never seen anything like this!' —Catherine Lee, May 4, 2002

'A malignant tumor in my large intestine disappeared completely' —Juliana Lee, January 6, 2002

'It is the fragrance of the Blessed Mother of Naju!' —Elizabeth Kim, January 6, 2002

My business crisis was overcome and my wife's crooked nose became straight —Valentino Shin, December 9, 2001

'This is your Mother' —Justus Park, June 15, 1995

'You have been chosen as witnesses of the Lord. Spread what you saw to people around you.' —Serephina Chun, June 1995

'The Lord called me, a grave sinner, through a Eucharistic miracle' —Peter Noh, December 1994

'There is nothing like seeing for yourself' —Fr. Francis Xavier, March 27, 1994

‘Miracles in Lashio, Burma’ — A testimony by Lily Wu

Julia Kim’s Testimony

‘I was a proud rationalist’ — Hakja Kim’s testimony

‘My experience with Naju’ — Hak Yoon’s testimony

The Last Supper for the Third Passover? — by Il Kyu Park

A Miraculous Healing during a Eucharistic Miracle — by Chong-Won Kang

‘Blessed Mother of Naju, thank you so much!’ — by Simon Chun

‘The Blessed Mother's tears of blood are her pleas of love’ — by Rev. David Kwang Je Yoon

‘My life changed after witnessing the Blessed Mother's tears’ — by Rev. Aloysius Hong-Bin Chang

‘The Blessed Mother of Naju melted my heart’ — by Paulina Peacock

‘The Blessed Mother loves Korea’ — by Rev. Paul Se Kwon Chun

A reflection on the current status of the Catholic Church in Korea — by Gregory Chu

‘Now I realize what a terrible thing prejudice is’ — by Francisco Sohn

‘The renewal of our Catholic Church will come from places like Naju’ — by Fr. Louis Bosmans

My experience in Naju, Korea — by John Chung

‘The Grace of God has not been in vain’ — by Fr. Godwin Nnadozie

The Holy Water in Naju found to have purifying power — by Dr. Gyula Molnar

‘Our Lord and the Blessed Mother gave our family such a grace and love’ — by Elizabeth Chun

‘Doctors had given up on my son, but he recovered and is healthy’ — by Juliana Kyung-Rim Chung

Letter from the Editor (August 3, 2000)

A miraculous descent of the Eucharist in the Chapel in Naju on August 27, 1997 — Raphael Song and 23 others

I was healed of my hemorrhage during an overnight prayer service in Naju — Elisabeth Ok-Ryun Kang

I was healed of a chronic heart disease during a Holy Hour prayer meeting in Naju — Theresa Lee

I accompanied the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Naju and witnessed a Eucharistic miracle — Rev. Sang-Chul Oh

Miraculous photographs taken in Naju had images of the Holy Eucharist beside the Blessed Mother’s statue — Catarina Mi-Ja Cha

Precious blood flowing from Our Lord’s Seven Wounds turned into white Sacred Hosts and came down — Margarita Jung-Ja Choi

His Excellency Paul Chang-Yeol Kim, Bishop of the Cheju Diocese, witnessed a Eucharistic Miracle in Naju — Rufino Yun-Hoon Park

I witnessed a miraculous descent of the Eucharist in Naju — Immaculata Bun-min Han and 23 others

The Blessed Mother of Naju saved my family from a divorce — Agnes Suk-hee Yoo

Before, she was trampling the rosary down; now, she prays fifteen decades every day for the conversion of her teenage girl friends — Gabriella Chang

Many people are repenting their sinful lives and are experiencing spiritual and physical healings in Naju — Veronica Keum-ja Cho

The Blessed Mother, how is it that you love me so much, who am so unworthy? — Helena Mikangja Kim

It was total darkness for us; now, what a joy in our family! — Michael O-Jae Kim

This sinner was surely approaching death; but I am alive and healthy again! — Maria Hye-Ja Moon 

The Rosary used to look like the Buddhist prayer beads; now it looks like the Blessed Mother’s sash — Immanuela Soonhee Yang

“I came with Mommy who had wings (mantle) and was white!” — Barnabas Kyu-Bong Hwang

“The water from Naju was really the Blessed Mother’s milk!” — Joanna Jae-Hee Lim

“Many people who were away from the Church are coming back...” — Rev. Paul Chi

Fragrant oil and blood from Our Lady’s statue in Naju — Testimonies on March 12, 2001

World Prayer Movement hosts a special teen — Signs of the Times

Witness to a Miracle — By Rebecca Ducusin at Ave Maria Centre in Toronto, Canada

The Blessed Mother healed my baby's hemorrhoids and my hemorrhage and uterine cancer — Theresa Hyun-Sook Lee

A Miraculous Descent of the Eucharist witnessed by His Excellency Paul Chang-Yeol Kim of the Cheju Diocese in Korea — Rufino Yun-Hoon Park

The Eucharistic Miracles through Julia Kim are becoming known in Italy — Judy Navarrete

Blood stains at the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother’s mountain in Naju — Maria Soo-Jin Lim and Regina Soo-Hee Cho

Fragrant oil descends at the Blessed Mother’s mountain in Naju — Valentino Hyun-Man Shin


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