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Microbiologists in Hungary report after a year-long investigation

The following is a translation of a letter written in French by Dr. Gyula Molnar, a physician in Hungary, addressed to Julia Kim in Naju, Korea. Dr. Molnar had joined a Belgian group for a pilgrimage to Naju in 1998. He took some samples of water from the Blessed Mother’s mountain near Naju for his friends and for investigation. After an investigation lasting more than a year, Dr. Molnar now makes this report with much joy and enthusiasm. He sent the letter to Fr. Louis Bosmans in Quebec, Canada, to be forwarded to Julia, because Fr. Bosmans had been the chaplain for the pilgrimage group that Dr. Molnar had joined. Fr. Bosmans, in turn, asked us to translate the letter into English and Korean. We also have Julia’s understanding that this letter is being made public for the benefit of many.

Dear Julia,

It was with great pleasure that I received your Christmas wishes with the message of the Blessed Virgin.

I would like to draw your attention to the third volume of the trilogy of Naju containing twenty pages on the holy water. As you know, a number of researchers have analyzed the holy water in the course of the last decade of the past century. Budapest, my birthplace, has also joined in these investigations since 1998. On the occasion of my pilgrimage to Naju, I myself took some samples of your water to my country. Several microbiologists have put themselves to the analysis of the water with strongly encouraging results. My friends at the National Center for Epidemiology in Budapest have maintained that the research with the holy water was never tiresome and constantly led them to unexpected discoveries.

Of course, scientific analyses require much time since it is necessary to repeat them several times before definitive confirmation of the results can be obtained. What we can say with certitude after a year of research is that the holy water from Naju stops such bacteria as salmonella, escherichia coli, yessinia enterocholitica and cidrobacter freundii from propagating. These initial results have been verified not only with the original water from Naju but also with normal water to which a certain quantity of the holy water has been added. A series of experiments has demonstrated that upon simultaneously exposing a test tube of tap water and one of holy water to sunlight for several weeks, algae become noticeable in the first one three weeks before the phenomenon occurs in the second. Even so, the holy water maintains its purity and odorlessness longer than the normal water. Biologists and chemists are constantly at work to explore to what degree the holy water of Naju possesses the power to purify contaminated water, for example the water taken from a river. Laboratory experiments executed in August 1998 demonstrated that just one milliliter of the water from Naju purified to the original level 200 milliliters of tap water. Confirmation of these results is expected from here at the end of January. Water beetles were found to be useful agents in this process.

All this shows us that it is not our imagination which attributes these forces to this holy water but that these are entirely real, even if it is not always possible to give a definitive explanation.

It seems that the holy waters from all over the world have in common the same scientific mystery and that it remains to us to hope that our investigations in progress in Boston, Milan, Modena and, finally, in Budapest will succeed in clarification of this mystery.

I hope that the Lord in His generosity will permit us one day by means of our investigations to understand a portion of the great truth contained in these holy waters.

With these thoughts I leave you, dear Julia, and unite myself to you in your daily prayers so that we can triumph in the battles before us in the year 2000 as our Holy Father also wishes.

Dr. Gyula Molnar
Budapest, Hungary
January 1, 2000

—From Mary's Touch, January 2000 Newsletter

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