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Response to a request for a relic from Naju

April 26, 2012

Dear Mrs. *** (Maryland),

Thank you for your recent letter and donation of $x to support our efforts to make the messages and works from Our Lord and Our Lady known to the world.

About the relics from Naju, we are not able to distribute them, as all of the little stones stained with Our Lord's Precious Blood are being preserved in Naju to be displayed in the future Basilica; and the water from the Blessed Mother's spring in Naju can only be received from the pilgrims who go there. Instead of the relics, we are sending you some special photographs and publications, which we believe are no less precious than the relics. I explain below.

In Naju, Our Lord taught Julia to remain close to the Bible because the words in it are His living Words. Without faith, one may only perceive the Bible as another book made of paper and ink and with contents that do not seem to be directly relevant to the reader's life, but Our Lord says that the contents of the Bible are His own living Words directed to the person who reads it with a sincere, humble, and prayerful mind. So, whenever we read the Bible, we should realize that the words in it are the Lord's personal Words intended for each one of us. The same truth applies to the messages and miracles from Our Lord and Our Lady and also to other publications that contain the authentic teachings of Our Lord through the Church such as the Catechism and the Lives of the Saints.

Holy pictures can also be the instruments that God uses to console, strengthen, and heal us with His power. To those without faith, a picture may just be a piece of paper with some images that seem remote from our concerns. But what we need to focus on is the real live Persons represented by the images instead of neglecting them as lifeless objects. If we look at the holy pictures with lively faith and true love for Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Saints and Angels, our souls will be really nourished and sanctified with the grace from God. Also, this rule applies in a very special way to the images that came directly from God such as the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. To take just one example about the power of such an image, we have already witnessed that the special photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe taken in Portland, Oregon on August 15, 1991 chased away the evil spirits who had been annoying and scaring a family in our neighborhood every night and have never come back after they left. The devils know that this image is from God and cannot stand it. I strongly feel that this photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe together with the images of the Eucharist, the Holy Spirit, and more has been intended by God to give us more encouragement and protection during the critical and dangerous end time, which is already upon us. What can prevent this from helping us is our lack of faith and our failure to realize the urgency of our time and our constant need for God's help. After all, it is unthinkable and unlikely that God reveals additional images in the already solemn Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe just for a trivial reason or purpose.

In addition to the Guadalupe photograph, we also enclose a few more photos of the Lord's Precious Blood that came down in Naju in 2002 and the Holy Eucharist that descended in Naju during the Papal Nuncio's visit there on November 24, 1994. Some parts of this Eucharist were distributed to those in the Chapel as Holy Communion and the remaining parts have been preserved in a reliquary that Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, the Papal Nuncio, had purchased in Rome. About the photograph of the Precious Blood (taken in Naju in 2002), please think of it not just as a lifeless image on paper but as a true, live, precious Image of Our Lord's Blood that can cleanse us from our sins and also help the souls in Purgatory. About the tiny photograph of Our Lady of Guadalupe, use a little piece of Scotch tape on the back of the photo to attach it to a well-visible place in the car.

I pray for abundant blessings on you, your family from the Lord and the Blessed Mother!

- Benedict Sang M. Lee

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