Messages and Signs
In Defense of the Truth

Eucharistic Miracles in Naju are not in conflict with the Church Teaching

Bishop Paul Kim’s Pastoral Letter — ‘The Age of the Holy Spirit is also the Age of Private Revelations’

Bishop Paul Kim’s Address in Rome — ‘The Holy Spirit will not act alone, apart from Mary, in bringing the unity of Christians’

‘We need not be hesitant about consecration to the Blessed Mother’ — by Bishop Paul Kim

A Letter from a Priest in South Africa

Towards a Eucharistic Spirit — Pastoral Letter of Bishop Thomas G. Doran

A Petition to the Holy Father — by Therese Yun-Hee Lee

A note attached to the petition — by Rev. Pietro Kim

A Review of Archbishop Youn's Declaration

In Defense of the Truth and Teaching Authority in the Church

Church Dogmas on the Eucharist

Another Deviation from the Truth on the Eucharist

St. Thomas Aquinas on Eucharistic Miracles

Editor's Note — ‘The messages and signs in Naju are powerful antidotes against modernism in the Church’

An Essay on the Holy Eucharist and the Eucharistic Miracles in Naju

Purgatory is a Place of Mercy

She Gave the Word Flesh — by Scott Hahn, Ph.D.

The Month of the Rosary

A Life of Consecration

Mary’s Touch August 2000 Newsletter — On The Holy Eucharist (PDF version)

Update on Naju — November 9, 2000

Update on Naju — May 31, 2001

Can we safely ignore special revelations?

Letter from the Vatican

The Holy See on Holy Communion

New Spanish edition of Messages of Love distributed at the Conference of Bishops and Priests in Monterrey, Mexico

Proper context necessary to understand special revelations

The Mother of the Redeemer

The Status of Naju in the Church

Update on Naju — January 30, 2003

Homily of Bishop Paul Kim — August 16, 2003

Korean Han and Evangelization — by Bishop Paul Kim

Address of Bishop Paul Kim — University of Notre Dame

Farewell Address of Bishop Paul Kim — October 8, 2002

Problems in the Kwangju Archbishop's Declaration on Naju in light of some precedents in Church History

Letter from Mary's Touch By Mail on the occasion of the election of Pope Benedict XVI — April 22, 2005

Some questions for Archbishop Andrew Chang-Mu Choi of the Kwangju Archdiocese in Korea

Declaration on our Catholic Faith and the Messages and Miraculous Signs through Mrs. Julia Kim of Naju, Korea —by the witnesses of Naju

On the 19th Anniversary of Our Lady's First Weeping Tears of Blood in Naju —October 19, 2005

A Reflection — The Blessed Mother's Role as the Co-Redemptrix (December 2005)

In Commemoration of the 21st Anniversary of Our Lady's First Weeping in Naju, Korea (June 2006)

Church Teachings on How Human Embryos Should Be Treated

For the Restoration of Doctrinal and Liturgical Discipline in the Catholic Church

A Quote from Trojan Horse in the City of God by Professor Dietrich von Hildebrand

On Justification — from the Catechism of the Catholic Church

A Reflection — Lent 2007

The Holy Spirit's Gifts to the Church (April 2007)

Pope John Paul II's Special Love for the Blessed Mother of Naju

MBC TV in Korea airs slanderous program on Naju

Summary -- November 17, 2007

More background -- November 2, 2007

Korean bishops' ad limina visit -- November 23, 2007

Interview with Archbishop Andrew Choi of Kwangju, 11-15-2007

Position of the Archdiocese of Kwangju, 11-19-2007

Testimony of Michaela Kim

Homily of Cardinal Ivan Dias in Lourdes — December 8, 2007

Update — May 10, 2008

A Battle for the Catholic Church in Korea

Update — August 22, 2008

The Miraculous Descents of the Holy Eucharist in Naju

A Chronology of the Church Responses to the Reported Supernatural Events in Naju — December 18, 2008

Letter to an Abbot regarding Obedience — May 6, 2009

Pilgrims to Naju need not worry about the threat of excommunication  — June 17, 2009

Church Teachings on Good Works

Modern Misconceptions about the Eucharist - Fr. Regis Scanlon, OFM Cap.

Our Lord is really presents in all parts of the Eucharist - Dec. 8, 2009

In Memory of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, Christmas 2010

Benedict XVI will beatify John Paul II on 1 May 2011

Petition to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the official recognition of Our Lady of Naju

Letter: Why another petition campaign?

The Holy See has never condemned Naju

An Urgent Appeal to all the concerned members of the Church about her current crisis and mission

Détente as Liturgical Demolition - By Fr. Vincent P. Miceli


Update - January 6, 2012

Remembering Archbishop Marcello Zago

Yesterday and Today of Naju

To remedy the numerous errors against Naju

In Memory of Bishop Roman Danylak, October 7, 2012

Bishop Dominic Su of Malaysia visits Naju for the third time - October 2012

The Problems in the Church and the Reasons for Our Hope - by Benedict Labre Sang M. Lee, November 2012

Final Address of Pope Benedict XVI to the Roman Clergy - February 14, 2013

On Current Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding the Holy Eucharist - March 5, 2013

St. John Paul II's Comments on Naju

Update - September 15, 2014

The Oath Against Modernism

The Condemnation of Modernism

The Holy Mass is your life

Bishop Athanasius Schneider on the Synod on the Family

The Church's Teachings on "the Holy Spirit's hierarchic and charismatic gifts on the Church"

Abortion, embryonic research parallel Aztec human sacrifice - UK Catholic bishop

Pope St. John Paul II firmly believed in the truthfulness of the miracles and messages in Naju, Korea - July 10, 2017


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