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I accompanied the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Naju and witnessed a Eucharistic miracle

November 24, 1994, it was the 23rd anniversary of my ordination to priesthood. It became an unforgettable day for another reason.

Someone asked me if I would go to Naju on November 24, 1994, as the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea was going to visit Naju on that day as the representative of the Holy Father. I was very surprised. Why on that day? Was it a sign that the Blessed Mother was calling me? So, I accompanied the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio to Naju. First, we prayed the rosary before the Blessed Motherís statue in the Chapel. A while later, Julia came in. The Apostolic Pro-Nuncioís secretary (a monsignor) and Fr. Raymond Spies were also there. I was the only Korean priest. While all were praying silently for some time, Julia suddenly screamed and stretched out her both hands. She seemed to have caught something in her hands. It was a white object placed between her fingers. People in the Chapel came closer and the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio came, too. It was the Eucharist! The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio broke the Sacred Host a little at a time and gave Communion to each of the people in the Chapel on their tongues. I also rushed to the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and received a piece of the Eucharist in my hands. I was surprised again, because, at the moment I received the Eucharist, I smelled a strong, intense fragrance of roses. How could this be!

Seven or eight minutes later, Julia finished her prayer and spoke briefly to the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies and walked toward the door, supported by others. Then, suddenly, she came back hurriedly and held the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies with her hands. They went closer to the Blessed Motherís statue and prayed. I was watching Julia carefully, because I thought something more might be happening. A few minutes later, Julia suddenly stood up, still holding the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies. She opened her mouth and seemed to have received something looking like a white host on her tongue. The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio was surprised also and picked up the host from Juliaís mouth with his fingers. I went closer and saw the host very clearly. The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio lifted up the host so that people in the Chapel may see it. I was thinking hard, because I did not know how to interpret such an event. Soon, three other priests arrived. The Apostolic Pro-Nuncio was explaining what happened to several foreign priests in English. He was not able to hide his excitement. He held my hands and another priestís hands while speaking.

Later that day, I was on an airplane to return to my parish. Unexpectedly, the woman sitting next to me was one of the witnesses of the same miracle in Naju. Even though I did not ask her any questions, she explained to me many of the signs in Naju in great details. I was very surprised. She said that she had been in an advanced stage of uterine cancer, but was cured in Naju. On that day, she came to Naju to pray and witnessed the miracle of the Eucharist unexpectedly. She was full of enthusiasm.

What happened on that day was an event that I had found most difficult to understand and had many doubts about. I had not been able to ask anyone about it, either. Now, this lady whom I met in the airplane gave me an explanation and cleared my doubts. It was so surprising and amazing.

            óRev. Sang-Chul Oh, Pastor of the Shinnam Parish, Chunchon Diocese, Korea

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