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A Personal Testimony
Chong-Won Kang, Kimpo, Korea

Our baby girl, 14 months old, had convulsions for unknown reasons and was admitted to Sunchon-Hyang Hospital in Seoul on April 19, 1995. There she received treatment for two months. The doctor did his best, but there was no improvement. We moved her to a different hospital, which was an oriental herbal clinic belonging to the medical school at Kyung-Hee University, and then to the pediatrics clinic in the same university, but her condition continued worsening. The diagnosis for the baby was Wolf Syndrome, which is a very rare disease, occurring only to one baby among fifty thousand. We were so depressed after hearing from the doctor that there was no more hope. We moved the baby back to Sunchon-Hyang Hospital, because we could not take her home and just watch her die. Then, we called a Catholic woman by the name of Clara Lee, who was a friend of a relative of ours. We asked her to recommend to us a Catholic prayer house, because we could not take the baby home and watch her die. Clara Lee said there was no prayer house in the Catholic Church and suggested that we take the baby to the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju in South Cholla Province. So, we thought that we would let the baby die after we ask God for the last time rather than just letting her die at home. We took the baby out of the hospital on June 28, 1995 and directly went to the Blessed Mother’s House (=the Chapel) in Naju. We entrusted the baby to the Will of God and began praying. While in Naju, we witnessed truly amazing events on June 30. At about 4:30 p.m., I stepped out of the Chapel, because people were saying that there was a miracle of the sun. I looked at the sun and saw an image of the Eucharist which was rotating inside the sun. It was truly amazing. During the prayer meeting that night, some people said that they saw Sacred Hosts descending to the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue. At the end of the prayer meeting, I went to the front of the Chapel and clearly saw the seven Sacred Hosts.

At about 10:30 p.m. on July 2, we were surrounding the seven people who were consuming the seven Sacred Hosts that had descended on the previous night. We were with our sick baby and were praying. The last person who received Communion was Julia. We saw that, a few seconds after she received the Eucharist, the Sacred Host was changing into visible Flesh and Blood on her tongue. At that moment, I was sure that God exists and, with a deep confidence in Him, asked Him to heal the baby, holding her in my arms. "God, please let the baby live!" I begged Him.

A priest dipped one of his fingers in the Blood on Julia’s tongue and, with that finger, made the Sign of the Cross on our baby’s forehead. At that moment, I was sure that our baby was going to live. With an overwhelming joy, we cried a lot and offered up a prayer of thanksgiving.

On the same night, I could not sleep and was standing outside the Chapel and praying before the Blessed Mother’s large statue in the yard. There also were two priests from abroad, two other foreign pilgrims and Sebastian Kwon from Buchon (in Korea). One of the two priests, who was from Guam, stepped on the rocks to get closer to the Blessed Mother's statue, because he saw something unusual. What he saw was the Blessed Mother’s tears on her statue outside the Chapel. I was very amazed and looked closely at the Blessed Mother’s face. She indeed was shedding tears from her eyes, mucous from her nostrils, and sweat from her face. The front yard where the statue was became filled with the fragrance of roses. It was truly a miracle. A miracle, which I had only been hearing about, occurred before my eyes.

I swear that my testimony is true. We are still overwhelmed with what happened and continue thanking God.

Chong-Won Kang
Kimpo, Kyungki Province

July 3, 1995

(Translator’s Note in July 1999: The scenes described in this testimony can be seen in the video: Mary Draws Us To The Eucharist #1. The baby girl, who was healed, is growing as a healthy, happy child.)



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