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A personal testimony by Fr. Louis Bosmans

February 2, 2000

Dear Mary’s Touch By Mail,

I don’t remember if I sent you testimonies about our pilgrimage to Naju: June-July 1999. We could follow all the happenings in Naju during that time from 6 in the morning to 11 p.m. every day. And the deep and holy impressions we got there are still lasting in our minds and souls, even today.

For me it was the best way to know exactly what is going on in Naju: stay on the spot for a long period of time to observe anything and everyone living there, not to spy on them but as a priest interested in observing the many graces the Lord and his Holy Mother are bestowing upon the numerous persons who are coming and praying there every day.

So, I am absolutely convinced of the reality from what is happening at this blessed place. Nowhere else have I seen such a serious devotion to the Lord and his Holy Mother and with an enthusiasm that we, as Westerners, can hardly imagine, but it is true and sincere.

I am convinced that the renewal of our Catholic Church will come from places like Naju where the supernatural is surrounding all the people who are coming there with a simple and sincere heart. It is so beautiful and so encouraging to see all those people, coming sometimes from far away, pushed not by curiosity but by faith and confidence in the Love of the Lord and his Holy Mother.

I had the occasion to bless personally hundreds of pilgrims and many of them received the "Repose in the Holy Spirit" right there on the spot. It was a big surprise for me and at the same time a great joy to experience the loving intervention by Jesus and Mary for so many of their beloved children.

So, if you can use these testimonies, please do it at your convenience.

I pray for you, your family and your work.

May God bless you +

Fr. Louis Bosmans
Paspèbiac, Québec

—From Mary's Touch, March 2000 Newsletter

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