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This sinner was surely approaching death; but I am alive and healthy again!

This sinner was surely approaching death, but received a new life by the love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother. I write this testimony to share the Blessed Mother’s love with all my brothers and sisters who are in pains.

I was in great pains and was visiting this hospital and that hospital without even knowing the name of my illness. Eventually, my case was diagnosed as a cancer in the lymphatic glands. I received a surgery, but I was not expected to live much longer. After receiving this death sentence, I and my husband cried together. The only choice left to us was to wait for my death. I thought that, if I was going to die, I wanted to go home, but I continued to stay in hospital because of my family. In the hospital, painful treatments continued. Because of severe pains, I had to take analgesic every day. The side effects of the medicine, however, made my whole body swollen. It was very difficult for me to move my body. I thought that, because the Lord was alive, I was not going to die. But my prayers were superficial and, gradually, my mind was becoming filled with anger. I was developing a temper, trying to do everything my way.

After four months in hospital, I took another X-ray in preparation for discharge from the hospital. But the X-ray showed that I had a new tumor inside my nose. Doctors said I needed a surgery. The sky was falling upon me. I blamed the world and blamed the Lord. I thought that it was the end.

Because people around me implored me to receive the surgery, I did. But I looked so ugly after the surgery. I hated myself. The nurse said, “Ma’am, pray. Pray with confidence.” So, I began praying the rosary and regained some peace. However, I had another test, and the doctors said that I needed one more surgery. I cried loudly. I wanted to be discharged from the hospital, even if I was going to die. My husband made me receive the third surgery.

When about six months passed after the third surgery, I was also found to have a diabetes and a liver failure. I was discharged from the hospital, but I overheard the doctor saying that I would live for one to six more months. Knowing that I might live one more month only, I begged the Blessed Mother to let me live three more months. I said to her that I would do preparations during that time. I cried continuously and came home. And I began the preparations. I gave all my clothing to people, but not to anyone who knew me. I did not want my children to see others wearing their mom’s clothes.

One day, with my swollen body and bald head, I stepped outside the home. There were piercing pains in the head. I was wearing a scarf over my head to hide the baldness. I was also wearing a mask to prevent cold air from getting into my lungs. The cancer was spreading to my gums and teeth, but there was nothing I could do about them.

Some time later, a man encouraged me to go to Naju. So, I attended an overnight prayer service in Naju. My body was still swollen all over and looked ugly. From the moment I entered the Blessed Mother’s House, I continuously wept. I wept all night. Every word that Julia was saying sounded like words meant for me and penetrated the core of my mistakes. I was totally shaken up. ‘I have lived so badly until now. The Blessed Mother has been weeping because of me.’ I felt unbearable sorrows in my heart. It was hard to describe, but gradually my heart, which had been so pressed down by the thoughts of the approaching death, was gradually becoming filled with hope. ‘ Now, even if I die, I am yours. Your will be done.’ I prayed and asked the Blessed Mother to forgive me for having blamed others when it was my fault. I was ashamed of my past and beat my chest. ‘It was all because of this poor sinner. Forgive me. From this moment, I will believe the Mother’s words and live accordingly.’ I screamed and shed tears of repentance. When the overnight prayer meeting was over and I was headed home, I felt more energy. The world, which had looked so dark, now looked bright. People whom I had hated looked so lovely now. Since that time, I have attended every First Saturday overnight prayer meeting and Thursday night Holy Hour prayer meeting. In the mean time, I stopped all the medicines. Gradually my hair grew back and I became completely healed all over my body.

It has already been more than two and a half years since then. I was asking the Blessed Mother to extend my life by three more months. But I am still alive and healthy. I am so grateful to the Blessed Mother of Naju. Now the time for waiting for Thursday for the Holy Hour prayer meeting seems too long. The Blessed Mother is calling sinners who are repenting and is helping them pray. I thank God and the Blessed Mother for calling this sinner to every First Saturday overnight prayer meeting and every Thursday evening Holy Hour meeting. I thank everyone who has been praying for me and everyone who is reading this testimony. I want everyone to be eternally blessed by the Lord who has performed miracles of love for our sake.

Lord! Glory and praise be to Thee! Amen.”

Maria Hye-Ja Moon, 119 7/3 Namkyo-dong, Mokpo, Jeonnam Province, June 13, 1992

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