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My childhood

I began going to a Catholic church with my mother when I was eight years old.  I was baptized before Christmas next year.  Then, we moved to the country, where there only was a mission chapel and a priest came once a month to celebrate Mass and hear confessions.  Sometimes we walked to a larger town, 8 miles from our home, for Sunday Mass.  After I moved to a large city to attend high school and college, I went to church every Sunday at first, but gradually became neglectful, attending Mass only occasionally.


Immigration to the U.S.A. and lukewarm faith life

Later, my family immigrated to the United States.  I resumed going to church seeking spiritual and emotional consolation, as my life as an immigrant was hard and lonesome. 

My faith, however, was weak, and I always had many doubts.  I frequently criticized the Church, judged priests, and clashed with fellow parishioners.  The troubles were even spreading to my own family.  So, I stopped going to the Korean church and attended Mass at American churches occasionally.  Even when I was attending Mass, my mind was full of doubts and negative thoughts.  I thought that the Eucharist was merely a ritual in the Church and only had a symbolic meaning.  Eventually, I even had doubts about the existence of God and believed in Darwinism, denying that the world was created by God.  Then, for more than ten years, I did not go to church at all. 


My mother’s last words

I know that my mother was very worried about my soul and prayed for me a lot.  Anna, my younger sister, who now lives in Hawaii, has also prayed for me very much.  My mother passed away last August in Los Angeles where my sister lived at that time.  Her last words were that she wanted me to come back to the Church.  After her funeral Mass, Fr. Edward Kim, a Korean priest at St. Basil Church in Los Angeles, told me, “Your mother suffered a lot, because you were not coming to church.  She prayed for you until her last moment and left her last words that she wanted you to come back to the Church.”  I still vividly remember the parishioners at St. Basil Church who were so selfless and kind.   


My sister in Hawaii informs me of Julia’s upcoming visit

One day I got a call from Anna in Hawaii.  She said that Julia Kim of Naju was coming to Hawaii soon and asked me to be there without fail.  Actually, Anna had sent me many books and videos on the miracles in Naju, but I had never reviewed them and had little faith in those miracles.  I had mailed back some of the packages to her.  I had no interest in going to Hawaii. 

But, because my sister was so insistent and I did not want to hurt her feelings too much, I finally asked my boss if I could take a one-week vacation.  It was ten days before the date I needed to be in Hawaii.  My boss, however, said that a vacation was out of the question because it was a busy season.  I was glad, thinking that I tried enough to comply with my sister’s request. 


There was one seat available on the airplane!

Then, on October 27 (1994), which was one day before Julia’s arrival in Hawaii, I was told by my boss that I could have a one-week vacation.  I was surprised.  Because it was nearing the end of business hours, I hurriedly called several travel agencies.  I was told that, because it was only one day before the departure date, the roundtrip airfare from Seattle to Honolulu was $1,280.  Since that amount was substantial for a salaried person like me, I thought that I had to give up the trip.  Then, I remembered to call one more place:  Hawaiian Airlines.  Their answer was that there was one seat available and the fare was $387 round trip.  I immediately made reservation and hurriedly went to their office.  When I arrived there, they were getting ready to close.  Because the airplane was going to depart before their office would open the next day, it was truly a dramatic experience.  Early next morning, I was on the airplane for Honolulu.  All of the 308 seats were occupied.    


Julia Kim arrives in Hawaii

When I landed in Honolulu, Anna was at the airport.  She led a prayer of thanksgiving.  Anna told me that she had been offering a novena with fasting that I might be able to visit Hawaii and return to the Church.  Later that day, we went back to the airport to welcome Julia and her companions.  She was an ordinary, simple person, smiling, humble, and kind to everyone.  She was radiating an air of peace, composure, and trust.   


Julia gives my sister a replica statue of Our Lady of Naju

After her arrival, Julia gave a very special gift to Anna: a statue of Our Lady, looking identical to the original weeping statue in Naju.  Anna and I left the hotel where Julia and her companions were staying, and came to Anna’s house.  When we opened the box containing the statue, a sweet fragrance of roses filled the whole house.  It was more pleasant than the fragrance of beautiful roses.


I saw the Blessed Mother and smelled her fragrance in my dreams

That night, Anna placed the Blessed Mother’s statue close to my bed.  After I went to bed at about 1 a.m., I had an unusual dream.  The Blessed Mother’s statue and Julia, standing next to her, were looking at me.  The Blessed Mother seemed to be in deep thought, having pity on me.  Julia seemed the same.  Then, suddenly, a powerful fragrance of roses began overwhelming me.  The fragrance was so strong that I woke up.  It was about 2 a.m.

After I woke up, I could not smell the fragrance.  With much amazement, I prayed Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, and went back to sleep.  After the six-hour flight and two-hour time difference, I was very tired and fell asleep promptly.  Then, I had the same dream again. 

I woke up again, but, this time, the room was filled with the same strong fragrance that I smelled in the dream.  It was 3 a.m.  I was totally amazed.  Why did the Blessed Mother and Julia appear in my dreams twice and give me this fragrance?


Julia speaks at Waikiki Shell

The Marian Conference, hosted by St. Michael Center in Honolulu, began on Friday afternoon (October 28, 1994) and continued on Saturday, from 9:30 a.m., at Waikiki Shell, an outdoor conference hall.  It was a clear day, not too cool, not too warm.  Everyone felt elated and pleasant.  First, there was a Mass, followed by sermons and music all day.  When Julia stood up after Mass to return to her hotel for rest, many people gathered around her, greeting her and asking for prayers.

The next day, on October 30, Sunday, there was a Mass in the morning, and Julia was scheduled to speak for one hour from 3:15 p.m.  As is usual in Hawaii, the weather was pleasant in the morning, but became warm with strong sunlight in the afternoon.  The temperature was 89 degrees Fahrenheit.  Many people were tired because of the warm weather and also because it was the last day of the conference.  Nevertheless, a large audience gathered to hear Julia.  As she began speaking, Waikiki Hall was filled with expectations and fervor.  About two thousand people were present, attentively listening to Julia.  In the middle of her talk, everyone smelled a strong fragrance of roses for quite a while.  What was also amazing to me was that the fragrance was coming from the front, while the warm wind was blowing from behind.  I asked a man sitting next to me, “Do you smell some fragrance?”  He said with much excitement, “Yes, it is a strong fragrance of roses.”  When I looked around, everybody seemed to be excited, repeatedly breathing in the fragrance.

While speaking to the audience, Julia mentioned that light was coming down from the sky.  Many people later said that they heard the sounds of thunder or hailstorm at that moment.  I also heard it, but, because I was looking down, I thought it was an airplane.  Julia talked for two hours and fifteen minutes, much longer than the time allocated to her.  But the audience was very absorbed throughout her talk.  Julia said that the devils were becoming more and more active, making their last efforts to pull even one more soul down to hell.  They are destroying families, leading people to drugs, murders, and abortions, and instigating them to judge and criticize the Church and priests.  She said that there were already many signs like wars, accidents, and natural disasters, signaling the approach of the day of judgment that Our Lord predicted.  Many people in the audience were repenting their sins, shedding tears. 


Julia prays for a blind old woman

As Julia finished her talk and came down from the platform, many people gathered around her, trying to touch her and talk to her.  Suddenly, I heard someone shouting in Korean, “Where is she?  Where is she?”  It was the voice of a blind old woman, looking for Julia.  I went to her and held her right hand, saying, “She is over there.  Follow me.”  We approached Julia, to whom I said, “She is blind.”  Hearing this, Julia put her fingers on the old woman’s two eyes and prayed.  Many people continued pressing upon Julia, trying to talk to her and touch her with their rosaries and other holy objects.  Everything that Julia held in her hand even briefly became fragrant.  Because there were so many people, a security guard came and helped Julia leave the place. 


A potluck party was held

To celebrate Julia’s visit to Hawaii, a potluck party was planned at my sister’s house in Kailua, about 20 miles from Waikiki, on the northeastern coast of Oahu from 5 p.m. on October 31.  Because my sister’s house was not big, she could not invite many people.  She said that only 50 to 60 people would come.  Tables were prepared on the lawn.  Audio equipment and lights were prepared by John Kamanu. 

John was a close friend of mine, who had invited me to immigrate to the United States in 1975.  He was a very devout Protestant.  His two elder brothers were clergymen and his three nephews were also clergymen. Rain was forecasted for that evening.  Also, the state and city laws prohibited the use of microphones outdoors or making any noise after 8 p.m.  Because heavy clouds were gathering in the afternoon, we were worried. 

Close to 5 p.m., people were gathering.  More than 100 people came with some prepared dishes.  I had never seen so much food during my life as an immigrant.  The party was to begin at 5 p.m. with Julia’s prayer, but she was still in the room.  About 30 minutes later, Julio, Julia’s husband, came out and said that Julia was suffering severe pains.  As she was not coming out past 6 o’clock, people began praying the rosary.  She did not come out even past 7 o’clock. 

Then, Maria, who was helping Julia, came out and said that Julia was suffering severe pains in her right shoulder, side and hip.  Suddenly at that moment, a young woman in her 30’s came to the front and said, “I had an accident five years ago.  Since then, the condition in my right side worsened, severely affecting my right shoulder and leg.  I was barely able to come here this evening.  Only a while ago, however, I suddenly began feeling very warm in my right side, hip and leg, and now I do not feel any pain.”  As soon as she finished speaking, an old lady came out and grabbed the microphone.  She was the blind woman I met at the conference, but she was no longer blind!  She said, “Until yesterday I had been blind because of my cataract.  At the conference yesterday, I was wandering around seeking Julia.  Then, a young man came and took me to Julia.  Julia put her fingers on my two eyes and prayed.  Soon I was able to see.  The Lord restored my eyesight!  This evening I came here with healthy eyes like this.”  Everyone was amazed and praised the Lord.  Some were so moved that they shed tears. 


Finally, Julia came out

At about 9 p.m., Julia finally came out supported by others.  She looked pale, tired, and so pitiable.  She looked like one who just got up after a long-term illness.  Because she could not remain standing, she began praying sitting in a chair.  Then, she relayed the messages and explained the heavenly signs in Naju.  At first, she sounded so weak, but gradually became filled with energy.  Because there was no interpreter that evening, many of the guests could not understand a word, but listened very attentively until the end.

While Julia was speaking, I began smelling an intense fragrance of roses.  When I looked around, I noticed that others were also amazed at the fragrance.  When Julia was offering prayers at the end, many were shedding tears of repentance.  When the prayer ended, it was thirty minutes past midnight.  She spoke for three and a half hours from 9 p.m. without even drinking any water.  To us it felt like only 20 minutes. 


John Kamanu’s remarks

The next day, John came to visit me at my sister’s house.  He told me that there were five phenomena in the previous evening that amazed him.

First, when he went home after the party, the ground was all wet around his house, which was only 2 miles from my sister’s house.  It rained in all areas in and around Kailua that evening, but it did not rain at my sister’s house.

Second, when he smelled the fragrance during Julia’s talk, he sneaked out and walked around wondering about the fragrance.  He found that the whole neighborhood was filled with the fragrance.

Third, Julia’s talk lasted past midnight, but no one in the neighborhood called police.  It must have been the Holy Spirit Who calmed down the neighbors. 

Fourth, he could not understand a word that Julia was saying.  But she looked like the Blessed Mother, and he understood what the Blessed Mother was trying to say through Julia by watching her and hearing her voice.

Fifth, while Julia was speaking for three-and-a-half hours, none of the guests became distracted.  They were totally focused on Julia and her talk.  One person whom he knew had a pain in his side and normally could not remain sitting in a chair for more than two minutes.  He also remained in his chair like a statue, listening intently to Julia. 

John further said, “My two elder brothers and three nephews are Protestant clergymen.  I have been a Protestant from the time I was in my mother’s womb, and have denied and rejected the Blessed Mother who is honored in the Catholic Church.  However, I have realized many things by witnessing these miracles.  I believe that, in the Protestant churches also, the Blessed Mother must be recognized.  She cannot be denied.” 


A world-renowned promoter of the Eucharistic devotion witnesses a miracle

The weather was superb on November 2.  Fr. Martin Lucia, living in Texas and having traveled to more than 500 dioceses all over the world to promote Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, was one of the guest speakers at the conference.  He wanted to see Julia and, together with Brian who was among the hosts at the conference, came to my sister’s house at 10 a.m., as Julia was staying there for a few days after the conference.  Fr. Lucia asked Julia many questions for more than two hours, repeatedly saying, “Wonderful!”  Then, he said that he was training 25 men (15 Americans, two Australians, two Filipinos, two Koreans, two Frenchmen, and two Poles) to continue and expand his work of promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  He asked Julia to write a letter of encouragement for them.  When Julia wrote a letter and gave it to him, he was overjoyed.  Then, he asked Julia if it would be okay to have a Mass together there.  Julia said, “Yes, if that is Father’s wish,” and asked Anna if it was okay with her.  Anna said that she would be honored.  Fr. Lucia asked Brian to prepare for Mass, and Brian was about to call St. Michael Center in Honolulu about the Mass.  At that moment, Julia said to Father Lucia, “Father, if possible, can we have the Mass in a church?”  Fr. Lucia asked Brian if there was a church in the neighborhood.  Brian said that there was St. Anthony Church about 1 mile from there.  Fr. Lucia gladly agreed to Julia’s suggestion, and Brian informed St. Michael Center about the Mass at St. Anthony Church.  We took several photographs in the frontyard and left for the church.

A while after we arrived at the church, Thomas Pereira, director of St. Michael Center, arrived carrying the replica statue of Our Lady of Naju, which Julia gave to the Center after the conference.  At the Mass celebrated by Fr. Lucia, there were Brian, Thomas Pereira, Julia, Julio, Anna and her husband, Richard Nakamura, Juliana from Korea, and myself.  It was a quiet and holy atmosphere.  I had some feeling that the Lord was going to show us something special.  It was 2 p.m. when the Mass began.  When Fr. Lucia consecrated the host and lifted It up, It radiated a brilliant light.  After all of us received Communion and came back to our seats, Julia, sitting on my left, began shivering as if she felt cold.  Fr. Lucia, who was cleaning the chalice, noticed this and came to Julia and held her hands tightly.  I stood up and looked at Julia.  She had her eyes closed and seemed a little worried about something.  Her face, however, looked bright.  A while later, when she opened her mouth, I saw that most of the Sacred Host had already melted but only a small piece still remained on her tongue, slowly changing into the shape of flesh and becoming larger.  It became reddish flesh and was moving.  Then, Its color changed into dark red.  Red blood was flowing from It.  Fr. Lucia continued holding Julia’s hands and was praying fervently.  A while later, he said to Julia that it would be okay for her to swallow the Eucharist.  I was in total shock after witnessing this stupendous miracle of the Eucharist.

Until then, I had thought that the Eucharist was merely one of the rituals in the Church and only had a symbolic meaning.  The Lord showed this miracle to this grave sinner who had insulted the Eucharist with such foolish thoughts!  I felt that my heart was being torn apart.  I began crying wildly.  Tears were coming down like a waterfall.  I have betrayed the Lord; I have turned my back against the Lord!  I have driven huge nails into the Blessed Mother’s Heart!  Despite that, the Lord and the Blessed Mother are embracing me in Their bosoms today!  I kept giving gratitude to the omniscient, omnipotent, and greatest God!


There was a message for Fr. Lucia

Julia offered up a special prayer for me, a prodigal son who came home.  Then, she relayed to Fr. Lucia a message that she received from the Lord while the Eucharistic miracle was occurring:

“As Fr. Jerry (Orbos of the Philippines) responded to My Mother’s call, My beloved priest here has also responded to her.  So, all the priests, religious and lay people who have accepted My Mother’s call must unite with each other and with your spiritual director, forming a chain of love, and unceasingly spread all over the world the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and the intentions of My Mother who is imploring you shedding tears and tears of blood to save the entire human race.”

Hearing the Lord’s message, Fr. Lucia was overwhelmed with joy and was deeply moved.  He had been devoting his whole life to promoting Eucharistic devotion all over the world.  How could there be any better gift from the Lord for him?  Fr. Lucia was greatly excited and could not find words to describe his feeling.  His eyes were burning with joy, hope, and zeal like the flames in a furnace.  It was a miracle that only the all-knowing and all-powerful God could perform.  How can anyone deny the Lord?


The Blessed Mother’s statue makes a big smile

After hearing the Lord’s message through Julia, Fr. Lucia posed with Julia for photographs.  At that moment, the replica statue of Our Lady of Naju on the altar made a big smile.  Her smile was so big that even some wrinkles were formed around her mouth.  When she was smiling, she looked so gentle and loving.  We were totally overwhelmed with joy and amazement.  Then, Thomas Pereira, who brought the statue, said, “While I was outside my office, I suddenly smelled the fragrance of roses.  Wondering where it was coming from, I entered the office and realized that it was coming from the Blessed Mother’s statue.  A few moments later, I received the phone call from Brian about the Mass here.”  He said that he was so grateful to the Lord for allowing him to witness the Eucharistic miracle and that he would spread this information widely.


I received a new life

I was born again as a new person with a new life in the Lord.  Until now, I have betrayed the Lord; criticized priests and threw insulting words at them; falsely accused my fellow Catholics; and denied the Lord’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  The Lord had pity on this unforgivably grave sinner, forgave me, and personally showed me that He was truly present in the Eucharist.     

Until now my sister has prayed a lot for me.  My mother also prayed to the Lord, shedding tears, that I might return to the Church.  The Lord heard their prayers.  My mother in Heaven must be very happy and grateful to the Lord for granting her prayers. 

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for praying for this sinner who denied the Lord that I may be forgiven and return to His bosom.  Lord, I give Thee all this joy and glory, as Thou saved this soul who had fallen into a sewer, and led me to Thee.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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December 1994

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