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It was a total darkness for us; now, what a joy in our family!

“The souls of those who accept my words well will be changed by the messages that I give them.” The Blessed Mother of Naju who is calling us shedding tears of mercy!

I would like to present a sincere testimony of the graces of healing that Margarita, my wife, received from the Blessed Mother of Naju. I write this testimony as a return for even one ten thousandth of the graces that the Blessed Mother gave us. More importantly, it is my duty to do so.

My wife’s first symptoms were noticed in early July of 1983. She had her first tissue examination at St. Columban Hospital in Mokpo in 1985. Her illness was diagnosed as a malignant breast tumor. At that time, I was a lay leader at Yongdang-dong Parish in Mokpo. The Pastor was Fr. Julio Moo-woong Kim, who is now the Pastor of Naju (as of January 1995). The result from my wife’s first surgery did not seem good, because the doctor said that the tumor could return. He said that she should come back to the hospital without delay, if she had any problem in the next four or five years.

In the mean time, we moved to Ansung in Kyungki Province. Two years after the first surgery, my wife began to have problems again. It was in April, 1987. The breast cancer came back. I wanted that my wife would get a good treatment this time, because I had seen her suffering too much pain from the cancer. So, I took her to Youngdong Severance Hospital in Seoul and she was again diagnosed as having a breast cancer. The hospital staff said that the surgery would be at noon the next day. The doctor who would perform the surgery was a good authority in that field. I was in distress, because I only had 80,000 won (about US$80). I told the doctor that we had come to the hospital for an examination only and asked him to give us a few more days to prepare the money. The doctor said that it was urgent to have the surgery soon and told us to take steps for the surgery. I went to a friend of mine and borrowed the necessary money. The second surgery for my wife was completed.

Five more years passed since then. It was one day in April 1992. My wife’s cancer reappeared. Her pains were so severe that she was even preparing for the worst case. My wife and I went back to Severance Hospital. The doctor who had operated on my wife left for the United States for research, and there was a different doctor. I could not have trust in the new doctor. Besides, the X-ray and other tests would be more pain to my wife and a heavy financial burden for us. We decided to walk out of the hospital.

On June 1, 1993, we went to St. Vincent Hospital in Suwon for my wife’s third surgery. By that time, my wife had an additional illness: a uterine cancer. Because of it, she had a hemorrhage, too. It was a total darkness for us. We could not tell which illness to deal with first. So, we left the hospital again.

Later that day, I called home in Ansung three times, but there was no answer. At that time, I was working at a charity center which belonged to the Salesian Order in Seoul. I did not even dream that my wife would go to Naju. The next day (June 2, 1993), at about 10 a.m., my wife called me. She said that she was completely healed in Naju. She said that she did not need any more surgeries. It was difficult for me to believe it. How is such an amazing thing possible? I was full of questions. I took a leave from work and came home in Ansung on June 4. I was so surprised to see my wife’s healthy, smiling face. Her whole body had been covered with rashes, but became clean. All the darkness and heaviness were gone from her face. I examined her further. The egg-sized tumor on the left side of her breast was not there any longer! I could not find any other traces of illness in her. Margarita was full of excitement and joyfully told me about what happened. I listened to her carefully. I also realized that she was healed not only physically but also spiritually, because she showed tears of true repentance over her past life. Healing and repentance! I am accepting the true reality in faith. I am watching my wife very carefully, but she sure is a new person. I am finding a joy that I have not found for a long time. I cannot help offering up prayers of thanksgiving to God the Father.

Four months after that, my wife and I went back to Severance Hospital. She got complete tests by the doctor who had operated on her before and came back from the United States. The tests included an ultrasound scanning. The doctor issued a statement that my wife was free of cancers. We sent two copies to Naju. Of course, my wife’s uterine cancer and hemorrhage were gone, too. My wife has been healed more spiritually than physically and is leading a rich life, a life of repentance and going to Mass daily. She is more zealous than me in educating children in the Faith.

With such a joy in my family, I hope that everyone will be healed spiritually and physically through the graces from the Blessed Mother in Naju and live her messages well. In my family, we are trying to imitate the Holy Family in Nazareth.

Our beloved Blessed Mother of Naju! The gracious Blessed Mother of Naju! Help us sing praises to you everywhere and always. I offer up this testimony to you in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all.

— Michael O-Jae Kim, Ansung, Kyungki Province, January 16, 1995

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