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The Blessed Mother of Naju saved our family from a divorce

I own a small restaurant and have been married 24 years. I was baptized 17 years ago. My husband and I had problems from the beginning. Our two daughters have grown up, one in college and another in high school. But our problems continued, with no peaceful days. In recent months, I repeatedly suggested divorce without any hesitation.

Finally on July 14, 1997, we agreed to get divorced. My husband said that, if I signed the papers first, he would give me alimony. But I said that, if he gave me alimony first, I would sign the papers. Neither making any concession, we decided to continue living in the same house like strangers. He promised to give me alimony ten months later (next May). We agreed to separate at that time. It was extremely painful to live like that, trying to avoid each other in the same house. I could not concentrate on my business. My mind was filled with thoughts and resentment about my husband. I worked hard every day, but he was living freely, even meeting other women. I needed some rest from my work.

Seeking peace even for a month, I looked for a retreat house and, finally, came to the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju. It was about 8:20 p.m. on August 26, 1997 when I arrived there. I went there without expecting any miracles or asking for any signs. All I wanted was some rest and peace. However, unexpectedly, I saw a miracle.

The next day, August 27, I saw the Eucharist coming down from the Crucifix and saw Julia suffering pains in her swollen abdomen. When a foreign priest placed the Eucharist, which had descended, on Julia’s stomach and prayed, her abdomen returned to its normal size. I was beside myself. I began crying. Tears were pouring down. I soon realized that my tears were tears of grace for my repentance. I realized that the Blessed Mother did not want my family to be broken.

Two days later, I left Naju and arrived at Yeongdeungpo Railroad Station in the southern part of Seoul, but did not feel like going home. I telephoned several other places, because I did not want to face my husband’s terrifying face. Finally, I called home to let the children know that Mom had arrived. But it was my husband who answered the phone. It was a soft voice, “Come home fast.” When I arrived home, he embraced me warmly and consoled me. I burst into tears. I was still in my husband’s arms. Thank God! Thank you, Jesus and the Blessed Mother.

Agnes Suk-hee Yoo, Jungan Villa #302, 464-21 Hwagok 4-dong, Su-ku, Seoul, September 18, 1997

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