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 Veronica Joo-Hee Chung
363-3 Chorak-do, Sukmoon-myung
Dangjin-kun, Chungnam Province, Korea
September 2, 2001

Our first child is now a freshman in high school.  For 17 years since her birth, we have not had any more children.  We had tests in the hospital and tried many things to have another baby, but they were no use.  Sometimes my body displayed signs similar to those of pregnancy, but tests showed no pregnancy.  For some years already we had given up any hope.

Then, I began making pilgrimages to Naju, and sometimes said to the Blessed Mother that I wished to have another child.  One day I suddenly felt tired and sick, and went to a hospital, not even imagining the possibility of being pregnant.  To my great surprise, the doctor said that I had been pregnant for eight weeks.  Then, the doctor showed me the baby on an ultrasound scan.  The baby was waving its hands!  I was so amazed and overjoyed that I felt like flying in the sky. 

As I was walking out of the hospital, filled with joy, however, some anxiety began sweeping over my mind, because I was already in my late childbearing years and had not had a baby for seventeen years since the birth of my first child.  However, I remembered the Blessed Mother’s messages about abortion and the image of the baby waving its hands in my womb which I just saw.  I realized deeply that aborting a baby would be no different from murdering a precious life.  I also thought about the terrible pains that babies go through during abortions.  So, I became convinced that this baby was a great gift from the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju, and was deeply grateful to Them. 

The baby grew healthily in my womb thanks to the graces from the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju.  When it was the seventh month, I was hoping that the Pastor would name the baby.  One day, without being asked, the Pastor asked me when I expected delivery.  After hearing my answer, he said, “If the baby is a son, name him Justus.  If a daughter, name her Justina.”  I was overjoyed again and thanked the Blessed Mother, thinking that she sees everything in my heart. 

For three months before delivery, I could not make pilgrimages to Naju.  I was so eager to see the Blessed Mother, but offered it up as a sacrifice.  About one month before delivery, I received a great grace of seeing the Blessed Mother of Naju in my dream.

The baby was born healthy and is growing well.  This baby was born 17 years after the first child, but, whenever I look at the baby, I realize how much the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju love my family, and feel so grateful to Them.     

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