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I had heart surgery and had a metallic device inside my heart to help blood circulation. Because of this, travelling was very difficult for me. Despite the difficulty, I went to Korea to visit my relatives and friends in March of 1996, which was my first trip back to Korea in 17 years. I was carrying some medicine for a possible emergency like a heart attack.

After I visited my relatives and friends, my sister, Theresa, took me to the Blessed Mother’s House (=the Chapel) in Naju. I had been so anxious to visit that place. After praying before the Blessed Mother’s statue, I asked people working there if I could meet Julia. My prayer was answered, and I attended Mass in the Parish Church together with Julia. She sat close to me and held my hand tightly while praying. I felt that I was enveloped with love. After Mass, we came back to the Chapel, filled with joy. We took photographs and prayed in the Chapel. Julia was in pains and went to her house (next to the Chapel), supported by a woman.

When we were getting ready to leave, a young woman asked me to wait a while. I was wondering if she was going to let me see Julia again. Instead, I was given many photographs of the Blessed Mother, newspapers, testimony books, and photo albums. When I came out of the Chapel to the front yard, my sister and the driver were looking at me with happy faces. My sister said with much joy, "If the young lady in the Chapel did not ask you to stay longer, we could have had an accident on the way home!" I did not understand why she was saying that. She continued, "While we were waiting for you, the driver found one of the tires punctured and had it fixed at a nearby service station." At the moment I heard this, I became amazed at the Providence of God and screamed, "Praise and gratitude to the Blessed Mother!" for allowing us to experience God’s great power and mercy and to realize more deeply the Blessed Mother's tender, caring love.

After I came back to the States, my life was a continuation of happiness and joy thanks to the graces from God. I also discontinued taking medicine. Everything in the world looked so beautiful. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked more beautiful than before. I felt free of pains in my body thanks to Julia’s deep prayers. I felt as light as a feather.

For five years we had lived in Monterey and knew many people in the Korean Catholic Parish there. While I was preparing to mail to that parish some video tapes that I brought from Naju, I got a phone call informing me of an upcoming wedding for the son of the parish council president in the Korean church in Monterey. So, I went there to attend the wedding and to spread the information about the Blessed Mother of Naju. Many people asked what secret I had for becoming so beautiful. I stayed at the parish council president’s house for ten days. Many people came to watch the Naju videos that I brought there. I had a bad reputation for sleeping much, but, while visiting Monterey, I could hardly sleep because of so many visitors. The phone began ringing from dawn and people began coming to watch the videos early in the morning. Many repented their sins and received much grace.

One of the visitors had been a friend of mine for 30 years. She saw me after three years of absence and asked me if I had plastic surgery in Korea. She kept asking if I had any secret for becoming more beautiful. I told her about my trip to Naju. She asked me to send her more video tapes.

For the ten days I was staying at the parish council president’s house, there were visitors from the early morning until late at night. His family was filled with love in greeting and serving the visitors. The almighty Lord has accomplished through His Mother what is impossible by human power. He has used Julia to open the eyes of many sinners and to convert them. I also received many gifts before leaving Naju. I was sure that all these were gifts from the Blessed Mother who was pleased with our spreading her messages.

Friendship that was renewed at the reunion will surely blossom as fragrant flowers in Heaven. After I returned home, many people called and thanked me. They said that they were sorry for having practiced faith and love with lips only. They said they were crying much and promised to go to church faithfully. I also received several letters with similar contents.

In my own case, my dormant soul woke up when I began watching the video tapes and reading the message book from Naju. The Blessed Mother said in her messages, "Let us make the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist known to those children who do not know so that the numerous souls who are ungrateful may be saved by your bleeding sacrifices combined with my love."

The Blessed Mother’s messages led me to repent my mistakes, woke up my dull conscience, melted my hardened heart, and opened it. I hurriedly visited a priest with an ardent desire to have the impediment to my marriage removed and to begin receiving the Lord in the Eucharist. The priest consented happily, but my husband didn’t. I became very sad and cried loudly. The house was filled with my tears and crying sounds. Then, my husband became alarmed and asked for my forgiveness. He promised to prepare the necessary papers within a few days. Preparation of the papers began the next day, but was completed three months later after receiving signatures from my husband’s parents also. When the Pastor told me to set the date for the wedding, I cried all day for joy and awe. How long had I longed for that day! I had consulted many priests, but they all said that it would be difficult. While I was in such pains, the Blessed Mother removed this sinner’s obstacle completely. Because it was my second marriage, removing the impediment was not easy. But it was removed after 33 years thanks to the Blessed Mother.

I cannot forget the moment I received Communion after 33 years. It was a moment filled with graces, a moment of receiving the Lord Whom I had longed for so anxiously. It was thanks to the Love of God and the help of the Blessed Mother of Naju.

At the wedding on December 26, 1996, there were the parish council president with his wife and four others from Monterey. They came despite the long distance that took 15 hours each way. I wept, because I was so grateful. How could they have come, if they did not have love? I will never forget.

I was also grateful to my sister, Theresa, for having taken me to Naju.

I am planning to visit Naju again this month. With much joy and anxiousness, I look forward to that trip. I also thank Julia, who has offered up everything to make the boundless love of God known and to make the glory of the Blessed Mother shine more brightly.

I can say again that the shocking effect from the Naju videos was the driving force that lifted me up to a spiritual world of a higher dimension.

As a person with faith, I will not neglect the work to share the joy and love from God with others and, thus, give glory to Him.

The Blessed Mother of Naju who melted my heart that had been like a rock! Thank you so deeply.


Paulina Peacock
Ely, Nevada, U. S. A.


P.S.: I would like to add a few more accounts of my experiences in Naju.

  1. I went back to Naju in March of 1997, three months after the wedding. When I entered the Chapel, I saw the Blessed Mother smiling with much happiness.

  2. The place we live is on a high elevation in the middle of a desert. I had a severe case of allergies and could not smell anything. Within thirty minutes after I entered the Chapel in Naju, my nose opened and I began smelling the fragrance of roses.

  3. I stayed in Naju for thirteen days. Every time I prayed in the Chapel, I smelled the fragrance of roses. I also saw an image of Julia nailed to the cross behind the Blessed Mother’s statue. I asked other women around me if they also saw Julia’s image. They said they did not see her. I saw her image everyday. It was during Lent, and Julia was suffering the pains of the Five Wounds of the Lord.

  4. While I had allergies, I was also bleeding from my nose, with some bad odor out of my nose (which others could smell), and I felt pain in my throat as if there were a fish bone hanging there. All these disappeared completely.

  5. One day during my stay in Naju, I met two women from Singapore. We were using the same room. I asked them how they were able to come to Naju, since they did not speak any Korean. They said that they landed at Kimpo International Airport holding the Messages of Love book and a sheet of paper with writing in Korean: "We are going to Naju. Please help us." That was how they came. I was so amazed. I told them that I would not have that much courage if I went to Singapore. I encouraged them to come to Naju again and exchanged our addresses. They said that there was no one in Singapore who did not know about Naju. They stayed for two days and left, saying that next time they would come when there is an overnight prayer service.

  6. More than 30 pilgrims including a priest came from Hong Kong for the overnight prayer service on the First Saturday in April of 1997. The priest testified that, when he was holding the Blessed Mother’s hands, he felt live pulse.

  7. During the overnight prayer service on the First Saturday in April, a woman sitting behind me said that she was having a headache because of too strong fragrance from me. She was complaining that I had sprayed too much perfume. I told her that I had not sprayed any perfume and I never used perfume on myself. Later she apologized.

  8. On Easter Sunday, I was cleaning the room I was staying in with a floorcloth. Even though I washed it in water several times, I still smelled a strong fragrance of roses from it and from my hands. The whole room was filled with a strong fragrance.

  9. On the last day in Naju, I bought a replica statue of the Blessed Mother for my sister-in-law. When I brought the statue to her house, the whole house became filled with fragrance. Several neighbors came, because they also smelled it.

  10. I also bought a replica statue of the Blessed Mother for my family and have been spreading her messages in order to repay her for the favors I have received. I am filled with joy every day. I give praise and gratitude to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

  11. After the trip to Naju, I stayed in my brother’s house in Seoul. I stayed in Korea for about three months. During that time, I met many people who had been healed in Naju. Some were healed of cancer; others had been dumb or paralyzed and were cured in Naju.

  12. On Easter Sunday in 1997, I was with Julia in the same car going to the church. I clearly saw the Stigmata on her both hands.

  13. During the overnight prayer service, many people cried while Julia was praying for them individually. I cried also. Many people gave testimony to their repentance of sins and miraculous healing of their illness.

  14. During the 13-day stay in Naju, I met an old lady who was so sick and close to death that her doctors at the hospital sent her home. She came to Naju and stayed in and around the Chapel all the time. It was three months already since she had left the hospital. She was not only alive but quite healthy.

  15. In May of 1997, Julia visited a church in Inchon (a harbor city west of Seoul) to speak at a retreat. I also went there with a friend of mine. Julia was wearing a blue dress and had a blue rosary. While she was relaying the Blessed Mother’s messages, I felt an unusual wish that Julia would give her blue rosary to me as a gift. After the retreat was over, we went outside. I was looking for Julia, but couldn’t find her right away because of heavy rain. A while later, I saw her and went toward her, but a man was hugging her, crying. I felt a little concerned that his tears might stain Julia’s dress, but he didn’t stop. Finally, Julia gave him her blue rosary and said good-bye. We all waved at Julia.

Then, the man came to me and asked where I was from. I did not answer, but my friend told him that I was from the United States. Then, the man tried to give the blue rosary to me, saying that the Blessed Mother told him so. I was surprised and refused to receive it. I said that it was such a precious rosary and he had to keep it. The man insisted saying that the Blessed Mother instructed him to give it to me. He also said, "Don’t you have much pain in your head?" I said, "How did you know?" He said, "I can see your pain in your forehead and face." I was speechless and accepted the blue rosary. It has been almost two years since, but the fragrance from the rosary still continues. I cherish it as a gift from the Blessed Mother.


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