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A personal testimony by Lily Wu

I went to Naju with a group of 33 pilgrims from Los Angeles on October 16, 1998, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Our Lady’s first weeping tears of blood in Naju.

After the weeklong pilgrimage to Naju I was going to continue my journey to Burma to visit my family. So I bought a replica statue of Our Lady of Naju for my brother, who is a Catholic priest. On the last night of the pilgrimage in the hotel at Kwangju, my friends, Sun and Edna from Los Angeles, helped me repack my luggage. As we opened the package that contained the statue, a strong fragrance of roses came out of the box.

On October 25, I arrived in Lashio, my hometown, which is the capital city of the Northern Shan State in Burma. I gave the replica statue to my brother, Father Norman Joseph Wu, who was on vacation and visiting the family. A couple of days later I visited my friend’s family and showed them all the miraculous photographs of Our Lady of Naju. I gave to my friend’s daughter, Di Di, a medal with the picture of Our Lady of Naju. The next day after my visit, Di Di related the story of Naju to her friend, rubbing the medal with her fingers without any intention. Just then they smelled the fragrance of roses around them and from her fingers with which she was rubbing the medal.

A few days later, I was invited to the Catholic Parents’ Association to give a talk on Our Lady of Naju during one of their monthly retreats in the parish hall. I took the replica statue and the fifty photographs there on October 31. I displayed the miraculous photographs that I brought from Naju on four large cardboard sheets. I explained to them (about 50 people) about the pictures and shared some of the messages which the Blessed Mother gave to Julia Kim. Some people in the crowd, including some priests, were so touched that tears were rolling down on their cheeks.

From then on, the news about Our Lady of Naju spread all over. Priests, nuns, lay Catholics, and non-Catholics kept coming to my house asking for more information, pictures, rosaries, medals and the water from the miraculous spring in Naju. I was very sad for not being able to provide all of them with what they asked for. All I could was to order more copies of the photographs of the Blessed Mother. No matter how many copies I ordered, it was never enough. I was giving away about one thousand photos and this I gave to only those who asked. One picture for one family only. It was overwhelming to see how much the people there trusted and loved Our Lady of Naju.

On a Sunday, the photographs from Naju were displayed outside the church for the first time. After the Mass, a school teacher named Caroline Ba Tin was praying in front of the photographs with her daughter, Pauline. Pauline was suffering pains from TB glands around her neck. The glands that she had had for years were so obvious, like big lumps all around her neck. Caroline kept touching the pictures of the Blessed Mother weeping tears of blood and the appearance of the Eucharist turned into those of flesh and blood and then touched her daughter’s neck while praying with tears for the cure of her daughter. The very next day the glands and the pains were gone. They went and had the doctor examine Pauline and the doctor was amazed to see that Pauline was cured with no explanation.

People gathered in different houses day after day and invited me to talk about Our Lady of Naju. Sometimes they gathered in a church. Every time I took with me the replica statue and the photographs and I left them in the house overnight. One wonderful thing was, every house that kept the statue overnight would have the whole night vigil. During my three months’ stay in Lashio, I was out every evening with a prayer group sharing the messages of Our Lady of Naju.

On the night of November 15, 1998, the replica statue started to give a sweet fragrance up to date. Sometimes the fragrance was very strong and other times very mild. Some of the religious articles became fragrant just from touching the replica statue of Our Lady of Naju.

Almost every house that had the statue overnight experienced some supernatural encounters, like the flowers on the Buddhist altar were shaking with no reason; some houses would become filled with the fragrance of roses or lilies or incense; the altar shook vigorously at one house when the statue was placed on the altar; and a woman who was a Protestant saw the Blessed Mother coming out of the statue three times and the pains on her knees which she had for years were gone. Some saw radiant light coming out of the statue; one woman and her granddaughter were woken up by a strong fragrance of roses and heard a soft feminine voice asking them to get up and pray the rosary at dawn; the same family smelled the fragrance of roses becoming stronger when they prayed for priests.

There were also conversions and healings. One man who did not believe at first admitted later that his heart was filled with love and tenderness like never before when the statue of the Blessed Mother bent her head down and looked at him and gave a strong fragrance of roses at the same time.

One woman who was an alcoholic invited the prayer group with the replica statue to her house to pray the rosary for half an hour. That very evening she vomited when she took some alcohol and could not take it any more since.

A young Protestant girl, who was always attacking Catholics, was converted after hearing about the events in Naju. She is taking instructions to become a Catholic.

A young Protestant boy, who is studying catechism and aim to become a priest got the fragrance of roses every time he looked at the picture of Our Lady of Naju while praying the rosary.

A retired nurse who was also a Protestant had lost her sight due to diabetes. Her daughters brought her to my house and prayed to Our Lady. The next day I heard that she could see some figures moving around and a few weeks later when she went for medical checkup, to everybody’s surprise, no diabetes were found.

A five month-old baby, whose health was very poor since birth, could not control his bowels. Because he coughed and cried day and night, the mother and the grandmother had to take turns at night to take care of the baby. The mother took the baby to clinic many times but it didn’t make any difference. Even though they were Protestants, they went to the house where they had the all night vigil and prayed to Our Lady of Naju. The next day, amazingly the baby boy was like a normal baby, no coughing, no cries, and no diarrhea. Now he is a cheerful little healthy baby thanks to the Blessed Mother.

One family donated a solid golden crown to the Blessed Mother. On January 16, 1999, I invited a priest, several nuns, and members of our prayer group to celebrate the coronation of Our Lady of Naju.

Rose Lee in Los Angeles gave me a rosary which she received from Julia in Naju. I gave the rosary to my brother, Fr. Norman, who loves the Blessed Mother very dearly. Fr. Norman returned to his diocese leaving the statue at my house with my family for a while, because he saw people were so devoted to Our Lady of Naju. But the fragrance of roses followed him. On the day Fr. Norman left our hometown by bus, the whole bus became filled with the fragrance of roses when he took out the rosary and prayed. One of the priests, Fr. Paul, told me that every house where Fr. Norman visited and prayed was soon filled with the fragrance of roses. And whatever religious articles that he touched with his rosary from Naju received the fragrance.

Our Lady had given us so many miracles that we ought to take heed of her messages and warning. Let’s spread the messages of the Blessed Mother hurriedly and courageously in whatever ways we can. Let’s offer our whole lives to the Blessed Mother and let her use us as she wishes to bring back mankind to the true God. Let’s console our holy Mother who is weeping tears of blood for us by practicing her messages with love.

Lily Wu
Van Nuys, California
March 11, 1999

—from Mary’s Touch, May 1999 Newsletter


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