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Today all of us are filled with a deep gratitude to the Lord after seeing the Blessed Mother’s miraculous statue and smelling the fragrance as a sign given to us.  In Japan we already heard about the Blessed Mother’s revelations through Julia Kim, but today we are here in person, greeted and guided with a warm welcome and witnessing miracles and reviewing records of the previous miracles.  We will never forget in our whole lifetime what we saw and experienced here.  Truly, there is nothing like seeing for yourself.  According to the Blessed Mother’s request, we make a firm resolution to make our best effort for our own salvation and for the salvation of the whole world, and true peace in the world as soon as possible.  All of us (40) were truly amazed at the fragrant oil flowing from the Blessed Mother’s head down to her feet.

Fr. Francis Xavier representing the pilgrims from Japan
1-6-32-401 Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan
March 27, 1994

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