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My name is Maria Lee, from Amsa-dong, Kangnam-ku, in Seoul.  This is my first visit to Naju.  I have wanted to come to Naju for a long time, but have not been able to for various reasons.  I have prayed much to the Blessed Mother to help me overcome the difficulties. 

For a long time, I have prayed earnestly that I may be able to overcome my inability to forgive others, but with no avail.  That is why I have prayed to the Blessed Mother to help me come to Naju and receive the grace of being able to forgive others.  I came here also to pray for the grace of my conversion and reforming my life.  In addition to the grace of repentance and forgiveness, I prayed that I could return home with my heart filled with humility and meekness. 

When I was on the Blessed Mother’s mountain today, a man shouted, “Does anyone have a camera?  Water is flowing from the Lord’s feet on the Cross!”  Hearing that, I hurried toward the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary, praying that the Blessed Mother would teach me how to behave, how to pray and how to receive all the graces that she has prepared for me.  When I got there, I saw Julia, whom I had wished to see so anxiously but had not been able to see, collecting tears from Jesus on the Cross.  Then, suddenly, Julia fell down and began bleeding from her mouth.  At that moment, I realized the true purpose for which the Blessed Mother called me to this place. 

I have been attending a Holy Hour prayer meeting in my neighborhood every Thursday evening, but, because we have not had any messages that can help us correct our evil habits and guide us to reform our lives, I have not been feeling much power in it.  Today, however, I could see that the Blessed Mother’s messages in Naju are like a spring that can quench our spiritual thirst.  Also, what a wonderful harvest it is that I can now relay to my friends in the prayer group what I personally saw, heard, and felt in Naju!

I am sure that the Blessed Mother of Naju drove out of my heart today all the hatred, pride, and inability to forgive others.  When I return home, I am going to clearly tell my friends in the prayer group that no one can stop the Blessed Mother of Naju, as I believe that she is here by God’s Will.  I made up my mind to make the Blessed Mother of Naju known with a firm conviction from now on.

Gratitude, glory and praise to Jesus and the Blessed Mother!  Amen.

Maria Lee
Daedo Villa, #402
467-9 Amsa 1-dong, Kangdong-ku
June 30, 2002

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