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A Personal Testimony by Juliana Lee
June 27, 2006


My name is Juliana Yang-Nim Lee, a humble housewife with three children living in Kwangju, Korea.

About ten years ago, I was in despair and depression because of my husband's business failure and huge debts totaling about 300 million won (about $300,000).  My husband left all the responsibility for the children and the debt to me and ran away.

By that time, I had been leading a carefree life decorating myself gaudily with heavy make-up, earrings as big as a fist, and my hair dyed blonde.  I did not have any working experience or any other measures to counter the crisis.  I was incapable of overcoming the sudden hardship.  I became hopeless and even wished to die, but could not do it because of the children.

To make things worse, I was devastated by a diagnosis of malignant tumors (two with a diameter of 3 cm and one with a diameter of 2 cm) growing between the small intestine and the large intestine.  I made a reservation for surgery at the medical center at Seoul National University, which had the best reputation in that area. 

During the twenty-day period before the surgery, I came down to Kwangju to prepare for the worst by making the confession and receiving the Sacrament of the Sick.  I kept taking painkillers because of severe pains.  At about this time, I began visiting the Blessed Mother's House (the Chapel) in Naju, which I had heard about before.

While praying there, I asked more for my repentance and salvation than for physical recovery.  About fifteen days after I began praying, I remembered my past sinful life like seeing a movie.  I realized my pride with which I believed that I was leading a good life, even though I had committed mortal sins including the attempt to commit suicide.  I unceasingly shed tears of repentance, asking forgiveness from the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

There were five Sisters near me in the Chapel also praying.  Suddenly, they said, "Oh, my!  Sister!  I smell powerful fragrance of roses from you."  At that moment, I became certain that the Blessed Mother was healing me, and responded with Amen

Soon I realized that the severe pains in my body completely disappeared.  From that day on, I have not taken any painkillers.  Soon, feeling much anxiousness, I went to the medical center at Seoul National University for examination.  To my great surprise and joy, all three malignant tumors disappeared.  The doctors were totally amazed.  They said, "This is very unusual!"  They suggested further tests on me as a study case.  I underwent more than five tests, one each month.  The tests using a colonoscope were very painful, but I offered up the pains for the conversion of sinners.  After all the tests, the doctors were completely convinced of my healing and were amazed.

Afterwards, I received a phone call or two per year from the hospital, checking if I was doing okay.  Just recently, I went through a general examination again and the result, after ten years since the surgery, was clean.  I live a healthy and happy life.  I have become healthier spiritually and physically thanks to the graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju.  I have worked hard on my job and repaid all the debts that my husband left me.  My three children have grown up healthily in body and mind.  They have a good faith and study hard at school.  Aren't these graces from the Lord and the Blessed Mother in Naju?

Praying for the conversion of sinners and sick families, I am joyfully looking after my mother-in-law, have forgiven my husband, and are offering up sincere prayers of blessing for him.  I continue praying, firmly believing that my husband also will someday receive the grace of repentance through the Blessed Mother of Naju.

Since my healing, I have never missed any of the prayer meetings on First Saturdays and on Thursday evenings.  I have done this in gratitude to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for healing my soul and body and also as a spiritual management of myself.  Julia has emphasized that receiving the graces is important but managing them well is even more important.

If it were not for the Blessed Mother of Naju, I would have walked the way of ruin throughout my life, lamenting over my miserable life and blaming and hating my husband.  Instead, I listened to the messages of the Blessed Mother of Naju and, as a result, I am living a life filled with joy, love, peace, and gratitude.  I do not envy anything in the world.  I am so happy right now.  I also give love and gratitude to Julia who suffers pains all the time to bring graces to sinners like me. 

I do not have any human ambition.  The only wish that I have is that the Blessed Mother be approved soon so that the numerous souls in the world who have lost their way, are wandering, are struggling in the world and in their sins, and are thirsting for the sweet rain from above may be saved like me.

Thank you.          

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