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“Victorina!  Your uncle and aunt had a fight and drank herbicide.  I found them dying and brought them to the emergency room at Bohoon Hospital.  Come in a hurry!” It was a phone call from my father-in-law. (By “your uncle and aunt” my father-in-law meant his wife’s younger brother and his wife.)  After I hung up, my husband and I hurriedly went to Bohoon Hospital (in Kwangju).  We brought with us a bottle of the holy water from the Blessed Mother’s spring.  When we arrived at the hospital, we saw that the herbicide had spread to our aunt’s whole body, which was already hardening.  She was unconscious and nearing death.  Our uncle’s condition seemed a little less serious.  My husband and I poured a little of the holy water into our aunt’s mouth.  A few minutes later, she began to swallow it.  For about one hour, she drank about 10 milliliters of water.  When she drank one whole cup, her symptoms of high blood pressure, acute pneumonia, unconsciousness, and nausea began easing.  It seemed as though the worst crisis was over.  We listened to my father-in-law telling us what had happened.

My father-in-law is 76 years old, and was healed of stomach cancer and other long-term illnesses with the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring in Naju.  He was also healed of his impatient temper.  Now he does not take any medicine, but only drinks the Naju water whenever he has even a little discomfort.  Today, he got a phone call from his brother-in-law.  On the phone, his brother-in-law said, catching his breath, “Brother!  I am sorry.  I am going first.”  My father-in-law said, “What are you talking about?”  His brother-in-law said, “Take good care of my sister.”  He continued, “We had a bad fight; we bought some herbicide, mixed it with soju (a Korean liquor), and drank it to say good-bye to this world.  We go first.  I wish you and my sister a good life.”  Immediately my father-in-law took a taxi and rushed to my uncle’s house.  When he arrived there, he saw the whole house in a total mess and his brother-in-law and his wife, who had had frequent fights before, lying on the floor, drunk and poisoned.  While he was taking both of them to a hospital, their bodies already were hardening. 

At the hospital, a doctor examined them and said that my aunt would die in 20 or 30 minutes and advised my father-in-law to arrange the funeral.  He refused to admit my aunt for any treatment.  So, I begged him again and again and finally persuaded him to do more tests.  However, the strong herbicide had already spread to her lungs and other organs.  There was nothing that the doctor could do to revive her.  She drank too much herbicide, far more than the lethal amount.  The doctor again said that there was no hope whatsoever and suggested that my father-in-law arrange the funeral.

Nevertheless, my uncle and aunt continued recovering after drinking the water from Naju.  The next day, their blood pressures became normal and all other signs also became almost normal.  The doctors at the hospital were totally amazed and said that this was a miracle. 

About two weeks later, I called them to ask about their condition.  They were not home and only left a message that they were going on a trip to Pusan as their second honeymoon after completely regaining their health.  What a precious gift to them!  I was overjoyed and shed tears.  Since then, they have not only been enjoying their good health but also have not been having even little quarrels.  They have been helping and loving each other, working hard on the farm together.  They are living joyfully like newlyweds.  What an amazing blessing from God, love from Jesus, and grace from the Blessed Mother!  As I write this testimony on God’s amazing love and grace in order to share it with many brothers and sisters, I cannot help shedding more tears.  I thank the Lord and the Blessed Mother again and again for all the graces upon my family and relatives.  Glory to the Lord and praise to the Blessed Mother!  Amen.

Victorina Oh
Soogang Mansion #301
Keumkye-dong, Naju
July 21, 2002 

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