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I was healed of my hemorrhage during an overnight prayer service in Naju

I visited the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju on the First Saturday of June 1993.  Throughout the prayer service that night, a strong fragrance of roses was filling the Chapel.  While experiencing the fragrance, I looked at the Blessed Mother’s statue without expecting anything unusual.  But I saw a large Sacred Host on one of the Blessed Mother’s hands and also a light radiating from the top of the statue.  A while later, Julia said, “Those who saw the Eucharist on the Blessed Mother’s hand, please your hand.”  So, I raised my hand.  From that time on, I have firmly believed in the truthfulness of the Blessed Mother of Naju regardless of what others say.

Later, my husband also attended the overnight prayer meeting in Naju with me.  He told me that, when Julia was praying for him, he felt the presence of the Blessed Mother in Julia and almost shouted, ‘Mother!’ and wanted to be embraced by her like a child.  After we returned home, we continued to smell the fragrance of roses from my husband for fifteen days.  Everybody around us thought it was amazing, because it was summer and one would expect the odor of sweat from him. 

For some time after that, I could not attend the prayer meeting because of some difficulties at home.  It was June 30, 1996 when I went to Naju again.  It was the 11th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping in Naju.  At that time, I had had hemorrhage for four months.  Because of it, I had pains in all of my teeth, because they became loose from the gums.  I was taking analgesic tablets repeatedly because of the severe pains.  Then, during the prayer service, some time between 2 and 3 a.m. on July 1, there was a sudden flash of light from the Blessed Mother’s statue and, simultaneously, Julia screamed loudly and fell down on the floor.  At that moment, my hemorrhage stopped and all my teeth and gums became healthy and firm.  I was overjoyed and was rubbing and patting my cheeks with my hands.

Even until this moment when I am writing this testimony, there has been no recurrence of the hemorrhage or toothache.  I sincerely thank the Blessed Mother of Naju and will offer up fervent prayers and sacrifices in gratitude to her and for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

Elisabeth Ok-Ryun Kang, Chunma Apts. Bldg. 229, #502, 582 Sinmae-dong, Susong-ku, Taegu, Korea, May 3, 1997

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