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Fragrant oil descends
at the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju

+ Praise Jesus!  Praise the Blessed Mother!

I give a profound gratitude to Jesus and the Blessed Mother.  My name is Valentino Hyun-Man Shin from Seoul. 

I became more anxious to see the Blessed Mother of Naju during Holy Week, and arrived in Naju on March 28, 2002, at about 5 p.m.  After praying for a while in the Chapel, I participated in the Holy Hour prayer meeting.  In the middle of the prayer meeting, Rufino Park (the Chapel administrator) came to me and said, “It is raining.  Our Lord’s blood marks (on the Blessed Mother’s mountain) need to be protected.  Can you come and help?”  I gladly agreed and went to the Blessed Mother’s mountain together with Rufino Park and Augustine Cho.

While we were working at the Twelfth Station, we suddenly heard someone screaming.  It was Julia who had been praying at the Eleventh Station.  She was lying on the ground with her arms stretched out, as if she had been crucified.  We stopped working and rushed to Julia.  We knelt and prayed in silence. 

A while later, Julia opened her eyes and said, “Fragrant oil is coming down. . .”  When I stretched my arms toward the sky, I realized that fragrant oil was really coming down on my face and hands.  Julia then said, “Jesus blessed me making the Sign of the Cross on my forehead with fragrant oil.”  We brought a lantern closer to her and saw a shiny mark of fragrant oil in the shape of a cross in the middle of her forehead.  We also smelled a strong and fresh fragrance from the oil. 

After seeing the mark of fragrant oil on Julia’s forehead, we helped her rise.  At that moment, all of us were surprised and screamed almost simultaneously, because we found a very large mark of fragrant oil on the paved area near the Eleventh Station.  After seeing the oil, I began shedding tears of repentance.  “Our Lord and the Blessed Mother love me so much that They are drawing me to repentance with this fragrant oil through Julia. . .” 

The oil mark at the Eleventh Station extended to the Tenth Station.  We could smell a strong fragrance at the Tenth Station also.  We protected the area from rain with vinyl covers.  While we were spreading the vinyl covers, we found an additional oil mark about 70 cm long on the paved area before the Eleventh Station.  

After witnessing these signs, I have realized that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are always present with us and that this was confirmed to me, even though I was unworthy.  My faith became stronger.

Praise and glory to God!

Valentino Hyun-Man Shin
Sungwon Apartments Bldg 101, #1502
Joongkye-dong, Nowun-ku
Seoul, Korea
March 28, 2002

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