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A Letter to a Friend on Our Lady's Victory

February 18, 2011

Mr. R. F.

Dear Mr. R. F.,

Thank you so much for your kind letter of February 14, 2011. Your letters always give me encouragement and joy, as we have the same Faith and share the same concerns.

About your comment on Our Lady's answer to Sr. Natalia of Hungary (1901-1992) that the two worst sins in the current age are curses and laziness in doing good, I was also somewhat surprised, as, in Fatima, Our Lady said that the largest number of people going to hell go there because of the sins against the Sixth Commandment and, in Naju, Our Lady has especially lamented over abortions, widespread abuses against the Holy Eucharist, and the stubborn rejection of God's truths and her call by many of both the clergy and the laity.

On the other hand, Our Lady included in "curses" the sins of disbelief and abuses against the Holy Eucharist while answering Sr. Natalia's question. Actually, the violations of any of the Ten Commandments would be curses, as they are insults against God and cause harms to our neighbors and ourselves. Similarly, "laziness in doing good" includes the failures to prevent abortions, to fight errors and defend truths, and to help save other souls by spreading the Faith. God commissioned Our Lady to fight and defeat Satan and his forces to open a new world that will be governed by the Lord. For this tremendous task, she received from God an enormous power that can totally overwhelm and destroy Satan's power. She was also made the Victorious Queen of the world by the Holy Trinity (as seen by Sr. Natalia). God has also willed that Our Lady's children help her in accomplishing her goal. That is why she has been calling us again and again even shedding tears of blood in Naju to help her by repenting our sins and reforming our lives, praying and offering up more penances, and spreading the authentic Church teachings and her messages. The insensitivity and sluggishness by so many of the clergy and laity to her call must have given her indescribable pains and sorrows. As she is the Co-Redemptrix assisting the Lord in His Work of Salvation, we can also be little helpers in that Work. Our contribution will be small but still essential, as, without our efforts, many people may never have a chance to learn the Good News. So, I think the Blessed Mother's answer to Sr. Natalia was appropriate especially for our age.

There is another thought, which seems to be quite significant. It was in 1884 when Pope Leo XIII heard Satan's asking the Lord to allow him one hundred more years during which he said he could destroy the Church. Satan's demand was granted, and, as you know, Satan and his devils wreaked havoc all over the world by means of wars, genocides, moral decays, and drastic erosions and scandals in the Catholic life during the past 100 years. On June 30, 1985, immediately after Satan's 100 years expired, the Blessed Mother shed her first tears in Naju through her statue in Julia's house. That probably was the Blessed Mother's signal announcing the opening of her final and decisive offensive against Satan and his forces. It seems that we are living in the most exciting and critical time of the human history.

May the Lord and the Blessed Mother bless you and your family!


Sincerely yours,

(Signed by)

Benedict Sang M. Lee


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