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ON OCTOBER 19, 2003,
ON OCTOBER 19, 1986


Praise Jesus and Mary!  I pray that the Blessed Motherís words: Together with my Son Jesus I bless you all gathered here in my name, will be realized to all of you around the world who love Our Lady of Naju.  I wish the combined Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary be with you.

On this 17th anniversary of the Blessed Motherís first weeping tears of blood in Naju, about 1,000 pilgrims including many from abroad came to the Blessed Motherís mountain and, then, participated in the overnight prayer meeting in the Chapel.  They did not come looking for more miracles and signs but came because of their love for the Lord and the Blessed Mother, after realizing the truth from God through the Blessed Mother who has been showing us the shortcut to eternal life.

The sky was clear without any clouds.  There were many pilgrims on the Blessed Motherís mountain from early morning.  The atmosphere on the mountain was fresh and holy, as many pilgrims were quietly praying and some were drinking the water from the Blessed Motherís spring.

At 11 a.m., Mass began near the statue of the risen Lord at the 15th Station on the Way of the Cross.  The Mass was concelebrated by five priests:  Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia, Fr. Louis Bosmans from Canada, Fr. John from Indonesia, Fr. Yanus from Poland, and Fr. Clemens from Hong Kong.  The Korean pilgrims thanked the Lord and the Blessed Mother for sending these foreign priests so that they could attend Mass on this mountain commemorating this important anniversary.  People prayed for their personal needs as well as for the official recognition of Naju as soon as possible.

In the middle of the Mass, fragrant oil with milky color came down upon the altar.  The pilgrims were also greatly consoled by the strong fragrance of roses coming from the direction of the altar during Mass.

I could see that the pilgrims who came to the Blessed Motherís mountain and her Chapel in Naju were forming a chain of burning love for the Lord and the Blessed Mother and also were becoming a reason for greater hope for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother.  An intense fragrance of roses covered the whole mountain as a sign of the Blessed Motherís welcoming her children.  The pilgrims deeply inhaled this fragrance as if they were trying to replace all the dirty odors in their souls and hearts with the holy and pure fragrance from the Blessed Mother.

At 12:30 p.m., Paul from the United States and other pilgrims from abroad did the Stations of the Cross.  Afterwards, it was the lunch time.  Many of the pilgrims were sharing food with each other. 

At 3 p.m., pilgrims began the Stations of the Cross in Korean.  They meditated on the Blessed Motherís message on August 29, 1989:  In order to avoid the approaching calamities, the children who have been called must climb Mt. Calvary with a deep, silent loveówithout sighs or lamentations, even if they are ruthlessly despised and are insulted under the heavy burden of pains.  Thus, they are being crucified together with my Son Jesus for the conversion of sinners.  The pilgrims promised to themselves that they, who are supposed to know the Lord and the Blessed Mother, will become little sacrificial offerings and climb Calvary again and again carrying the cross given to them, following the Lord and the Blessed Mother Who are suffering extreme pains in their Hearts for the salvation of the human race.  Especially when they arrived at the 12th Station where the Lord had died, many pilgrims cried loudly, praying for the grace of repentance and promising to live a new life.

In the evening, the pilgrims came to the Chapel to attend the overnight prayer meeting.  There was not enough room in the Chapel for all the pilgrims, but the front area was reserved for the foreign pilgrims.  The prayer meeting was led by Peter Kim from the City of Taegu.  The atmosphere in the chapel was quite animated and was filled with holy joy, love, and peace as the pilgrims were singing a hymn of the Blessed Mother together.  After the five priests from abroad were briefly introduced, several prayers from the Catholic prayer book were offered, followed by 15 decades of the rosary.

Then, Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia gave a sermon.  He said, ďThe Blessed Mother loves all her children and pleads them to repent their sins.Ē  He also said that he always carried a photograph of the Blessed Mother of Naju shedding tears of blood in one of his pockets so that he could take it out and look at it whenever he faced a temptation.  He asked the pilgrims to always remember the Blessed Motherís tears of blood and not to sin any more.

After Fr. Suís sermon, there was an announcement.  It was about a book titled: Miracles.  It was just published in Korean and is being distributed through bookstores all over Korea, available to the whole population in South Korea.  It will become available in English later.  This book outlines the messages and miracles in Naju and discusses the current question of the Korean church hierarchy opposing Naju as well as the following debates and activities to explain and reverse the mistakes and errors that prevail in the current atmosphere in Korea.  The author consecrated the book to the Blessed Mother.  He was a reporter with a major newspaper company in Korea.

During a short break, many pilgrims formed a line to smell the fragrance from the spot in the front of the Chapel where the Eucharist had come down and on August 27, 1987 while Fr. Raymond Spies and several volunteer helpers were praying the rosary.  This fragrance has continued ever since, for more than six years, and is a sign of the Lordís and the Blessed Motherís continuous presence especially in the Chapel.

The second part of the prayer meeting began with more Marian hymns.  After the singing, the pilgrims offered up a prayer consecrating themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Then, Fr. Louis Bosmans from Canada gave a brief talk.  He said that this was his 14th visit to Naju.  He first came to Naju fourteen years ago (October 14, 1989) when he was in Korea to attend the International Eucharist Congress in Seoul.  During that visit to Naju, he witnessed Juliaís suffering the pains of the Crucifixion and of the Korean martyrsí martyrdom.  He also saw copious amounts of tears of blood flowing down from the Blessed Motherís eyes on her statue.

While the pilgrims were joyfully singing the hymns following the ladies who were dancing in the front, I thought that they were like children.  I remembered Our Lordís Words in St. Lukeís Gospel (10:21): I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.  Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will.

After singing, the pilgrims watched a video of Juliaís mystical suffering of pains.  In the section showing Juliaís suffering the pains of abortion, the cruel scenes of a little baby being killed in the motherís womb were shown.  Many cried and received many graces.

After Julia had visited a Catholic priest for the first time in the early 1980s and soon afterwards had been miraculously healed of her cancer and accompanying illnesses, she experienced a profound conversion and heard the Lord speaking to her three times while she was praying: ďThe gate of Heaven is open.Ē  Likewise, regardless of how sinful we may be, if we approach the Lord repenting our sins and asking for His forgiveness, the Lord and the Blessed Mother will not ask questions about our past but instead bestow abundant graces upon us.  Therefore, all the pilgrims who have experienced this hour of mercy during the overnight prayer meeting in Naju realize that the grace that we must ask for most ardently is the grace of repentance and that all other blessings follow afterwards.  That is the reason for their coming to the Blessed Motherís house every month.  During this hour of mercy, abundant graces were received by all the pilgrims thanks to the sacrifices of suffering pains by Julia.

After the hour of mercy, several pilgrims spoke about their experiences.  The full testimonies will be available on the Naju internet site.  The following is a brief summary.

  1. Catherine Ahn from Pyungtaek (a city south of Seoul) ran into trouble because of a loan guarantee she had made for her sister-in-law.  After knowing the Blessed Mother of Naju, she was able to forgive her sister-in-law.  Her health had deteriorated, but she did not have money to buy the necessary (Oriental herbal) medicine.  So, she has been praying to the Blessed Mother for health and has repeatedly been smelling the odor of ginseng from the water from the Blessed Motherís spring in Naju.  She is convinced that the Blessed Mother will cure her.


  1. Lucia Lee from the Youngsan-po Parish (close to Naju) had been suffering from a malfunctioning heart valve for five years, but was healed during an overnight prayer meeting in Naju.  Another long-term illness of hers, an infection in her sinus, also disappeared while she was making pilgrimages to Naju. 


  1. Tom Watkins from Kansas city, Missouri, in the United States, has brought large quantities of the water from the Blessed Motherís spring in Naju and gave it to many people together with the Blessed Motherís messages.  His wife, a Korean, has helped him in doing this.  So far many people have reported miraculous healings.  The following are two of the recent cases.

There are two young women who were told by their doctors that it would be impossible for them to become pregnant and that if they ever did it would be a miracle.  These women did not give up and continued to drink the water from Naju and rub their belly with it, praying.  Tom recently was told by both women that they became pregnant.

4.   During her first visit to Naju in 1995, Elizabeth from Hong Kong was looking at the photograph of the Blessed Motherís weeping tears of blood in the Chapel and began wondering why she was crying.  Then, suddenly, she saw a bright light radiating from the Blessed Motherís statue and heard the Blessed Mother speaking to her, ďDo not put your soul into mah-jong(a gambling in China) but tell everyone around you to pray fervently.Ē  She bought a replica statue of the Blessed Mother and says that, ever since, the statue has been exuding the fragrance of roses.


Please donít forget the next overnight prayer meeting on November 1 (First Saturday).  The prayer meeting in Naju is being organized by pilgrims themselves, but is actually being led by the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  That is why many participants experience amazing graces here and find the truth and eternal life.  I hope many of you will be able to come and experience the immeasurably large and wide love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

Romulo Tae-Ho Lee
Seoul, Korea
October 2003

(Translated at Maryís Touch By Mail, Gresham, Oregon)

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