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Gawamoto Gatsuko
August 4, 2001  

Praise Jesus!  Truly amazing miracles of healing have been happening to those of us who made a pilgrimage to Naju on June 5, 2001.  We are immensely grateful to the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju.

First, Araikoko had to rely on a cane for many years, but, since her return from Naju, she has been leading a normal life without the cane.  All of us are so moved by this tremendous grace from the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju.  Araikoko can now walk to many places where she could only go by car before.  One day while she was walking, she felt a palpitation of her heart, but as soon as she drank some of the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring in Naju, singing, “With the Precious Blood of Jesus, with the Precious Blood of Jesus, heal all our souls and bodies.  Amen,” she was able to arrive home without any further difficulty.  Now, not only is she able to walk without a cane, but her walking posture has also become normal.  Before, because of her bent legs, her walking was not normal.

I am 60 years old and work at a rehabilitation center for the handicapped.  For many years, I had suffered from hay fever, pains and numbness in the hands and arms, and a backache, and tried many treatments which only helped temporarily, less than a year.  Since my first pilgrimage to Naju several years ago, the pains in my hands and arms have not recurred at all.  I am certain that this has been a miraculous healing through the graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Because we have experienced these amazing graces and healings, we feel very painful in our hearts when we think about the persecutions that the Blessed Mother of Naju has been receiving.  However, all the true shrines were eventually approved despite the initial prohibitions and persecutions.  We have no doubt that the Blessed Mother of Naju will be approved.  In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we join our hands and pray that the Bishop of Kwangju will accept the Blessed Mother of Naju and approve her as soon as possible so that Naju may become a shrine for the whole world.  Amen.

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