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Testimony of Joe Galanthay

Fragrance of roses from Mary's Touch article

July 2011


An e-mail from Mr. Joe Galanthay in Huntington, New York on July 8, 2011 sent to Judy in Los Angeles concerning the photographs of the scenes of the prayer meeting in Naju on July 2, 2011, First Saturday and a recent article: Do not be misled by another false rumor. The Holy See has never condemned Naju.


Hi Judy,

Thanks for photographs and the article. As I began reading the attached word document by Mr. Benedict Sang M. Lee of Mary's Touch By Mail in Oregon, I immediately noticed the fine scent (that of the fragrant oil) of Our Lady of Naju). The information provided in this most recent document in addition to the other information I have received has been most helpful in understanding the truth about Naju.  I am amazed by its clarity, logic, objectivity and relevance.  I agree with his inferred reference to the rejection of  "...all of the Eucharistic miracles in Church history and, in fact, all other miracles in Church history..." by modernist theologians. (p.4).  I have personally observed over the years an outright attempt to reduce Catholicism to solely a human and/or social institution with no objective truth, faith or morals and consequently making it no better than any of the other religions founded by "enlightened" men (self-proclaimed prophets, philosophers, heretics, etc).

How sad it is that the opponents of Naju have not addressed the real issues in their absurd, illogical arguments and in doing so have delayed the acceptance of Naju.  However, I believe that Naju has become the focal point in the global battle between the liberal modernist clergy and the clergy that support the traditions and values of the Catholic faith.  They are having "difficulty" in accepting the miracles because accepting the miracles as being supernatural in nature would also require acceptance of the content of the messages (i.e., the Real Presence in the Eucharist, and many other tenets of our faith that have been downplayed and more or less eliminated over the past decades.

I shall continue to pray for Julia and all those that support Our Blessed Mother in promoting Naju (including you, Mr. Lee and the countless other "little souls").  We are not making this journey by ourselves.

Our Lady of Naju, pray for us!


P.S. Please feel free to share my views on this subject with anyone you deem appropriate.

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