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Praise Jesus and Mary!

Here are my thoughts. I am glad that investigations (of the events in Naju) have begun. Nowadays the techniques of investigation are highly advanced, and therefore the authenticity of tears, tears of blood, and fragrant oil should be easily determined.

The most important part is the messages. The contents of the messages in Naju have the same theme as in Fatima. Especially the fact that the messages in Naju deal strongly with abortion highlights the seriousness of this problem in Korea. The tears of blood that the Blessed Mother sheds are her pleas of love in order to extinguish the flames of these sins. The news that the Blessed Mother sheds tears of blood because of abortions has been widely spread.

Anyhow, many people come to the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju and repent their sins and begin a new life. People have received not only internal healings but also physical healings. I am personally convinced that these are results of the Blessed Mother’s intervention.

I can say that Julia is a very simple, truthful and devout Catholic, even though she is not a talented speaker. The fact that she receives messages does not benefit her personally. Instead, she has been treated like one who is either possessed or is fantasizing by the Church authorities as well as by others. Those who cherish her are still few, but are faithful and obedient to the Church. That is because they believe that Julia is genuine.

Rev. David Kwang Je Yoon
Dongmyung Catholic Church
Daegu, Korea
June 21, 1995


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