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Praise Jesus!  I am Anna Oh from the Nokbun-dong Parish in Seoul.

On the previous First Saturday (July 6, 2002), when I was on a pilgrimage to Naju, I bought a replica statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju and brought her home.  Since then, my daughter has frequently smelled an intense fragrance of roses from the statue, but I have only smelled a weak fragrance.  So, I sometimes pray, “Blessed Mother!  I can only smell a weak fragrance of roses.  Could you let me smell a stronger fragrance?”  I have also developed a habit of telling her every evening about what happened during the day.  For example, I say, “Blessed Mother!  I had a really hard day today because of the children.  Did you have a hard day also?”

On one evening, one to two minutes after I told her about what happened during the day, the area around her statue became mysteriously bright and the holy items placed at her feet also became shiny.  At first, I thought that I was seeing an optical illusion, but soon realized that it was truly happening.  I rubbed and wiped my eyes and looked again and again, but it was real. 

Previously, when I made pilgrimages to Naju, I sometimes doubted (about the miraculous signs) out of my human thinking.  But after I saw the light around the Blessed Mother’s statue, I decided to make future pilgrimages with a greater devotion and conviction and not to hurry them because of my other concerns.

This afternoon, I spent several hours on the Blessed Mother’s mountain and was about to take the bus back to the Chapel.  Then, a close friend of mine said, “I need to go to the bathroom.  How about walking to the Chapel (instead of taking the bus) and offering it up as a sacrifice?”  I answered, “Ah!  That is a good idea.  Let’s do that.  Before you go to the bathroom, let’s drink more of the Blessed Mother’s water.”  We drew some water and sang, “With the Precious Blood of Jesus, with the Precious Blood of Jesus, heal all our souls and bodies.  Amen.”  Then, as we were turning around, we noticed an amazing phenomenon of the sun.  The sun was about to set behind the mountains and radiated light in different colors.  The beams of light were dancing up and down and growing longer and shorter.  The whole mountain area seemed to be covered with a huge curtain of multicolored light.  This phenomenon started at about 6:40 p.m. and lasted for about 15 minutes.  Many people saw this and shouted with joy.  They sang together, praising the Lord.  I have had a pain on one side of my brain since my childhood.  Since this evening, I do not feel any pain at all.  Thank you, Lord and Blessed Mother!

Anna Oh
Sukjun Art Villa #402
39-251 Eungam 1-dong, Eunpyung-ku
August 4, 2002

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