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My legs were restored to the same length


Good evening!  My name is Andrew Han-Ghil Kim from the Jinwol-dong Parish in Gwangju.  Almost twelve years ago, on the First Saturday of October 1992, I came to Naju for the first time with my parents.  Since then, I have attended every First Saturday overnight prayer meeting and every Thursday evening Holy Hour prayer meeting.  I would like to share with you a special grace that I recently received from the Blessed Mother.  

Now I am a high-school freshman.  When I was four years old, I was in a car accident and the bones in my right leg were broken at three places.  After it was healed, my right leg became longer than my left leg.  In the first few years, I did not experience any inconvenience.

From the time when I was a 6th grader, I grew faster.  In my first year in junior high school (7th grade), my height became 173 cm (5' 8") and my right leg was 3 cm (more than 1 inch) longer than my left leg.  When I was standing, it was obvious that I was leaning to the left.  From my second year in junior high school, I began feeling pains in my spine as it was becoming bent.  Especially in summer, when I often wore short pants, some of my friends noticed it and said, "Uh! Your legs don't look normal?"  I answered, "Yes, I had an accident when I was little."  I felt more pains especially when I was sitting in a chair for a long time, which I did every day at school.  I told my parents about it, but they did not think it was serious.  I was sad and was becoming sensitive even about little things.  Many times, I wept when nobody saw me. 

When I was in the 3rd year of junior high school, my height was more than 179 cm (almost 5' 11"), and the difference between my two legs grew bigger also.  I had more difficulties in my daily life.  As my body was unbalanced, my mind was becoming unbalanced, too. 

Then, on February 12 of this year, while I was attending the Thursday evening Holy Hour prayer meeting, I suddenly felt some quite forceful pulse-like pattering movement or vibration in my left knee, which even made audible sounds.  Immediately I thought, "Ah!  The Blessed Mother must be giving me the grace of healing!  Lord, Your Will be done!" and asked my father sitting next to me to feel my knee.  After feeling my left knee with his hands, my father was greatly surprised and said, "Jesus! Blessed Mother!  Thank You!  Through the sufferings, sacrifices, and reparations by Julia Kim, You are healing my son Andrew!"  My mother also felt my knee and opened her eyes widely with surprise.  The amazing miracle of healing did not end there.  The forceful pattering movement and sounds from my left knee continued for more than ten minutes, and I was completely healed.  My two legs became of the same length, and my bent, aching spine was also healed completely.  My mind and heart, which had begun to become bent, were also healed.  As the shorter left leg became longer to the same length as the right leg, my overall height became 1.5 cm greater than before. 

Before the healing, I was nervous and uneasy even over little things and had a habit of negative thinking.  After the healing, I have become positive and joyful over everything.  Before, when I was praying the rosary, I had many distractions even from the first decade.  Now, I can pray the whole fifteen decades with hardly any distraction. 

As the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju healed my soul also through the healing of my left leg, I will make unceasing efforts to live the life that the Lord and the Blessed Mother want me to live, turning my entire life into prayers. 

Thank You, Lord and Blessed Mother!

Andrew Han-Ghil Kim
Sam-Ik Ceramic Apartments, Bldg. 104, #1201
Jinwol-Dong, Nam-Gu
March 7, 2004

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