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My name is Raphael Sung-Hwan Song.  I have been attending a seminary in Inchon which belongs to the Conventual Franciscan Order.  While I was spending some time in Naju because of health reasons, I witnessed a descent of the Holy Eucharist in the Chapel together with 24 other people and would like to give a testimony to what I witnessed.

I rushed to the Chapel upon hearing that Julia Kim saw light radiating from the Crucifix and the Blessed Motherís statue.  When I entered the Chapel, I saw Fr. Raymond Spies from Anyang, Julia Kim, two pilgrims from France, and about 20 other pilgrims praying the rosary on their knees.  I joined the prayer.  Soon I noticed that Julia Kim was having difficulty in breathing and her belly was becoming larger in reparation for the sins of abortion in the world.  I asked a lady behind me to loosen Julia Kimís clothes a little to help her breathe better.  When we reached the Third Glorious Mystery, I suddenly saw the Holy Eucharist descending from above on the right side of me.  The Eucharist passed Julia Kim and landed on the floor between Fr. Raymond Spies and Julia Kim and directly in front of the Blessed Motherís statue.  I clearly saw an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a flame of love on the Sacred Host.

I testify that it is my firm belief that there was no human interference involved in this mysterious Sign.  I also thank the Lord, because the descent of the Eucharist was videotaped.  I also testify, with all my heart, that these video footages are genuine records and evidences of what really happened.  I add below my name and my address together with the names and addresses of other witnesses.

Raphael Sung Hwan Song

Fr. Raymond Spies

An Lequano

Thibaud Vasseus

Rufino Yun Hoon Park

Anthony Dong Ho Lee

Mary Eun Young Lee

Joseph Yung Min Lee

Victorina Hyung Im Oh

Lucia Yung Soon Lee

Matthew Byung Yong Ahn

Peter Hyung Yong Yoo

Gabriel Hong Sup Kim

Bernard Il Yong Kim

Anne Jungsoon Yang

Thomas Sang Kil Suh

Hyojoo Agnes Jung Soon Park

Yoon Kuk Suh

Magdalene Jum Woon Lim

Catherine Mi Ja Cha

Immaculata Bun In Han

Lucia Seung Sung Suh

Agnes Sook Hi Yoo

Angela Mi Sook Yoon

Mary Keum Soon Park

1834 Hwasan-Ri, Koheung-kun, Jeonnam, Korea;

115-428 Moonwon-dong Gwachun-Shi, Kyungki-Do, Korea;

Junghwa Apts. 8-Dong, #607, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-ku, Seoul, Korea;

375 Avenue de LíHippodrome, 59130 Lambersart, France;

Soogang Apts. #302, Keumkye-dong, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

Song Wol Joogong Apts. 10-Dong, #105, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

The same as above;

The same as above;

Soogang Apts. #301, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

118-3, 123 Sungbuk-dong, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

The same as above;

Sungbuk-dong Joogong Apts. 109-Dong, #502, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

19 Joongang-dong, Naju, Jeonnam, Korea;

Shiyung Apts. 8-Dong #607, Sangmoo 2-Dong, Su-ku,

Cosmos Apts. 8-Dong, #404, Nongsung-dong, Kwangju, Korea;

534-36 Sansoo 3-dong, Dong-ku, Kwangju, Korea;

Sanki Burak, Mapo-ri, Byunsan-myun, Booan-kun, Jeonbuk, Korea

254 Duo-ri, Moonui-myun, Chungwon-kun, Chungbuk, Korea;

2-14 Muchang 1-dong, Nonsan-shi, Chungnam, Korea;

48-66 Bongchun 6-dong, Kwanak-ku, Seoul, Korea;

5-88 Hongeun 2-dong, Kwanak-ku, Seoul, Korea;

28-12 Pil-dong 2-ka Chung-ku, Seoul, Korea;

464-21 Hwagok 4-dong, Kangsu-ku, Seoul, Korea;

29 Hongmun-ri, Yujoo-eup, Yujoo-kun, Kyungki-do, Korea; and

Suho Apts. #1106, Chung-ku, Daejon, Korea

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