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  Messages of Love — The Mother of the Savior Speaks to the World from Naju, Korea

All the messages that Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, received from Our Lord and Our Lady between July 1985 and January 1996 plus two booklets containing more recent messages (at no extra charge). 304 pages, including about 60 B&W photos.

Price: $12.95


  Mensajes de Amor La Madre del Salvador le Habla al Mundo desde Naju, Corea

The Spanish edition of Messages of Love. About 400 pages, including 16 color photos.

Price: $12.95




Messages of Love — Supplement #3, and other readings on related subjects

The messages that Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, received from Our Lord and Our Lady between November 2, 2000, and February 2, 2002, plus other readings on the Catholic Faith. 112 pages.

Price: $5.95



Our Lady’s Messages from Naju — Compiled according to subject

A selection of the messages that Julia Kim in Naju received from Our Lord and Our Lady, compiled according to about 100 different subjects, such as the Eucharist, Confession, Penance, Family, Priesthood, Abortion, Apostasy, Warnings, Chastisement, the Second Pentecost, the Fragrant Oil, and so on. The purpose of this book is to help readers understand the major themes of the messages more clearly. 112 pages including 13 B&W photos.

Price: $3.95


Regina Caeli The Blessed Mother's Miraculous Signs in Naju, Korea

160 pages, 175 color photos plus many selected messages and several Church documents. 6 x 9".

Price: $16.95



  Ad Jesum Per Mariam Testimonies on Naju

Many testimonies by bishops, priests, religious, and laypersons on the miracles they witnessed and the spiritual and physical healings they experienced in Naju, Korea. 400 pages, including 16 pages of color photos. 

Price: $10.00


The Reality of the Living Presence — Eucharistic Miracle in Naju, Korea

By Fr. Joseph P. Finn, Ph.D. of London, Ontario, Canada, who witnessed a Eucharistic miracle in Naju, Korea on September 22, 1995. Fr. Finn sets forth his experiences, discusses possible responses, and some theological aspects of the miracle. Also includes a sworn testimony by Bishop Roman Danylak, who also witnessed the same miracle. 32 pages, including 10 color photos. Size: 4x6.25"

Price: $2.50


The Queen of the Holy Rosary in Naju, Korea

Comprehensive coverage of the supernatural signs and messages in Naju since their beginning in 1985. Scenes of the Blessed Mother weeping tears and tears of blood, fragrant oil exuding from her statue, Julia suffering the pains of the Crucifixion and of abortion, Eucharistic miracles, and more. DVD, NTSC, 52 min.

Price: $10.00

  Mary Draws Us to the Eucharist (#1)

Actual video and photo footage of the Eucharistic miracles in Naju between June 1988 and July 1995. Powerful for defending the Church teachings on the Eucharist and revitalizing Eucharistic devotion among the faithful. DVD, NTSC, 68 min.

Price: $10.00

  Mary Draws Us to the Eucharist (#2)

Eucharistic miracles through Julia Kim between September 1995 and August 1997, which includes a Eucharistic miracle in the Vatican on October 31, 1995, which was witnessed by the Holy Father. DVD, NTSC, 64 min.

Price: $10.00

    Two Videos on one DVD:

Miracles in Naju, Korea — Signs from Heaven continue...

This video is a sequel to Mary Draws Us to the Eucharist #1 & 2, covering the events in November 2001, including miraculous descents of Our Lord's Precious Blood and the Eucharist on the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju. DVD, NTSC, 25 min.

Who will sew up My torn Heart...?

Scenes of Bishop Dominic Su and other pilgrims witnessing Our Lord's Precious Blood descended on the Blessed Mother's mountain on August 15, 2002. DVD, NTSC, 30 min.

Price: $10.00


Julia Kim's Sufferings as a Victim Soul

Actual scenes of Julia Kim suffering the pains of the Crucifixion, scourging, martyrdom, abortion, the pains of hell, and more, in reparation for the sins in the world and the conversion of sinners. DVD, NTSC, one hour.

Price: $10.00

Color Photos    

Also available framed (please inquire).

  Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Large size (8 x 12").

Price: $5 each plus $5 S&H (for any quantity).



  Our Lady of Guadalupe

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