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A Personal Testimony by James Ling
In Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 16, 2006


The Voice

I was planning to go on holiday to see my 2 sisters and 1 brother in Malaysia, whom I have not seen for over 20 years. One thing that really bothers me was – this could be a very boring trip, like there’s nothing to really do or see. I kept pondering on the question – “Where else could I go?” for many days. And this was in July of 2005, and summer is fast passing by.

Then, one day when I was in my room still preoccupied with the question of where else should I go other than visiting my family, I heard a voice that spoke directly into my mind. The voice said, “Naju”. This voice spoke very clearly and powerfully from the direction of the window, where the Blessed Mother’s statue is.  And the place, “Naju” was imprinted on my mind from that day onward.


The Search

I have had heard of Naju about 2 to 3 years past. Since, then, it was just a place in history past that I came across in my life. Now, I am awakened by this voice, to this place, which invoked new meaning and purpose for my holiday.  In my heart I love the Blessed Mother and the Lord Jesus, and I have no expectation of the coming trip. I know this is a heavenly voice, and without hesitation I put my total trust in the voice. Shortly after my calling from the directional voice, within a couple of days, I began my search on the internet for organized tour to Naju. I wrote to the director@marys-touch.com   on August 1/2005.  Here, I was given the name Yolanda Chankuo, a tour volunteer in pilgrimage to Naju

I arrived, with the tour group, late in the evening on October 17 in Soul, S. Korea. And next day we depart for Gwangju city by bus. Here, we commute to Naju daily by bus. Upon arrival on the Holy Mountain, I drank some of The Miraculous Water.


Golden Fragrant Oil

On October 19/2005, we celebrated the 19th Anniversary of Our Lady’s First Tears Of Blood on the mountain shrine. This night, I and many pilgrims saw and witnessed the Blessed Mother Statue exuded golden fragrant oil. I was really touch to see something so extraordinary, and took many photos.


Warm Healing Grace

The day after the vigil, on the evening of the 20th, I arrived at the Naju Chapel for prayer and reflection. Moments after I arrived, while sitting/kneeling on the chapel’s floor and meditating – I experienced tremendous warm/heat flowing (from the top of my spine to the lower part, and down to my legs) throughout my back for at least over 1 hour. At that very moment, all I can think was the injury that I suffered in January 24 / 2003. On that uneventful morning, I slipped and felt 7 flights of stairs at home and later diagnosed with a fracture on my T4 (thoracic spine).  I was confined to my bed for more than 3 months, going through extreme pain. I had tremendous difficulty even lifting my legs a little, or turning onto my sides, not to mention getting out of bed. Thanks to my mom and dad who helped me so much during my painful ordeal. After the first 3 months, the next 3 months I went through extensive physiotherapy exercises and massages, to relax my back muscle spasm. I’ve tried using traditional Chinese medicinal heating pads, and even portable massaging machine. All these options only provided temporary relief.  Since then, I suffered much pain every day and constantly worried about my back. All those therapies were not helping. When I felt the warmth - quickly, I prayed, “Dear Lord Jesus/Mama Mary, please do not let my injured back pain come back now, how am I go to continue my trip?” That was the first thought that came to my mind. Time passes, I felt really warm and begun to sweat. I even took off my cardigan, leaving only with my T- shirt on, and I went to turn on the fan which was on my left, in the chapel. Still, I felt very warm and begun to sweat from my forehead and body.  Moments later, I take a look at the fan to see if it was still running. But someone has turned the fan off. I though why would anyone turn the fan off, when it so warm in here or is it just me. So, I decided to stand upright, perhaps that will help. But, that didn’t help either. Moments past and the warm feeling stops. Little did I realize what had just happened to me?   I believe this warmth feeling upon my back is the healing grace from the Lord Jesus and Mama Mary.


Colorful Sun

On Oct 22/2005, our group celebrated Mass on the holy mountain shrine in front of the Spring of Grace. Then we have lunch, and took photos. At about 3:15 pm, Betty, a pilgrim in our group alerted me about the beautiful color of the sun. I looked around and saw golden color lights shining upon everyone. Then, I looked up to the sky to where the sun is, and I saw these beautiful blue, green, orange and red colors from the center to the outside of the sun. At this very moment, within the sun itself, there was another less intense light spinning in a clockwise direction. I am so glad that the Divine Lord has allowed me to witness his almighty power, “The Miracle of the Sun”.


Fragrance from Spring of Grace Water after 6 months I came home.

After I came home from my holiday, on April 25/2006, I had an appointment with the local bishop’s at his office to make known the events in Naju. The night before my meeting, while I was on the www.najumary.or.kr website, a thought came to my mind to open the bottle containing the water of grace from the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. At first I hesitated, and continued with what I was doing. Then, moments later, another stronger thought came to my mind to open the bottle. So, I quickly went to check the bottle which is on my small altar. Upon opening the cap of the bottle, I could smell the lovely fragrance. Then, I decided I will show the bishop the lovely fragrance from the Water of Grace the next day. When I woke up, I wanted to make sure that the lovely fragrance is still there. Upon opening the bottle, the fragrance was not there any more. I was very worried. I thought, how am I going to tell the bishop about this special water from the Spring of Grace. So, I said a short quick prayer to Mama Mary; I prayed, “Mama Mary, let me know if I should bring this water with me to the bishop. Let me know”. Then, I went to get ready. Just as I was stepping out of my room to go, I quickly ran back to the altar and grab the bottle to bring it with me. I have no idea why I did this. Upon arrival at the bishop’s office, I gave a brief introduction about the Lord Jesus and Mama Mary in Naju. Then, I presented the bottle containing the water from the Spring of Grace. I was really nervous, not knowing what to expect. I said to the bishop, “this bottle contains the water from the Spring of Grace, which has healing power, and you MIGHT smell some fragrance”. “Do you want to smell the water”? Without hesitation the bishop reached over, and opened the bottle. He put his nose close to the bottle and acknowledged, he said, “Yea, I can smell some fragrance”. I reached over for the bottle, and I can also detect the strong fragrance. I am so grateful for this gift from the Blessed Mother of Naju, for this is a sign of her Presence, Love, and Friendship.


My Gratitude

After my experience in the Blessed Mother’s Chapel in Naju, I Have Not Had Any Back Pain to this day. Even my knees were healed of its pain. Radiology report showed no sign of previous fracture. I totally believe, through Our Heavenly Blessed Mama Mary, the Lord Jesus who makes the blind- see, the lame- walk, changes water to wine, has Heard My Prayer, and Touch My Body with His Healing Grace in Naju!  Today, I am completely free, completely release from my painful back muscle spasm. I pray and give Thanks to the Lord Jesus and Mama Mary of Naju and rejoice in my Heart! I pray that many more souls will open their hearts and mind to know, understand, and love the Lord Jesus and Mama Mary. My trip, after all, was an enjoyable one to mention the least!


I, James K.S. Ling from Calgary, Alberta, Canada; wrote this on May 16/2006 as a testimony to the Living Presence Of Jesus and Mama Mary in Naju. 

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