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My ear, inflamed for 59 years, was healed!


My name is Camilla Choo from Seoul.

It was in the early 1940s when I was a 1st Grader.  Korea was still under Japanese colonial rule. While I was bathing in a creek with my friends, water got into one of my ears and caused an inflammation. At that time there were no doctors specializing in ear illnesses.  My elder brother was a doctor practicing general medicine and applied some antiseptic to my ear and gave me an injection of mycin. Symptoms improved for a while, but then worsened again.

Because I knew there were so many other people who had more serious illnesses like cancers and incurable diseases, I did not even pray for the healing of my ear, even though the pain was considerable. I prayed for others who needed help more badly than I did.

A greater difficulty began after my marriage. Because of the strong bad odor from my aching ear, my husband did not want to sleep next to me. Every day blood and pus came out of my ear, as if the eardrum were completely melting away. To block the bad odor, I slept sideways with the inflamed ear on the pillow.  In the morning, the pillow was very wet with blood and pus. I had to keep lots of cotton and toothpicks beside me.

Despite the continuing pains, I did not tell my husband that my ear problem had begun long before the marriage. I went to the hospital, pretending that the inflammation had begun recently. I considered a surgery, but the doctor said that surgery was not possible and told me to come back to the hospital whenever the pain was severe.

Recently a woman in my parish named Therese said to me, "You have so much pain in your ear. Should I bring some water from the Blessed Mother's spring in Naju?" She asked me to meet her at the church after the 10 a.m. Mass the next day.  At the church she gave me a 6-oz. bottle filled with the water from Naju. I was not convinced and said, "Could I really be healed with this water?" Actually, I myself had visited Naju once fifteen years ago, but since then have not been there any longer because the people around me have discouraged me from going there. After I came home with the water, I hesitated for a while, thinking, "Should I put this water in my ear or not?" Finally, I said to myself, "I will do it just as a test," and began dripping the water into in my ear while sitting in my sofa.  Then, I thought, "I will either live or die.  Many people say that they were healed," and poured all of the water in the bottle into my ear.  Water was flowing back out of the ear and lots of blood and pus came out also. My hands became wet with blood and pus.  I continued sitting in the sofa, making faces with much anxiety mixed with some hope. I kept wiping away the water from the ear. After about thirty minutes, nothing more was coming out.

It has been four years since then, but no water or pus has come out of my ear any more.  My ear has been completely healed after 59 years of inflammation and pains.

Thank You, Lord and Blessed Mother!

Camilla Yang-Shim Choo
Baeksan Blooming Apt. #606
Bongchun-Dong, Gwan-Ak Gu

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