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Precious blood flowing from Our Lordís Seven Wounds turned into white Sacred Hosts and came down 

The following is a record of what I clearly saw and what I felt:

From about 2 a.m. on July 1, 1995, I began feeling severe pains in my chest. At about 3 a.m., I heard sounds of forceful raindrops. I thought that there was a shower outside. Severe pains were spreading from my chest to the pleura and shoulders. I thought that my breast cancer which the Blessed Mother had cured was coming back. In my hands and feet also, I felt piercing pains. While we were listening to the reading of the Blessed Motherís message received on June 20, I began feeling pains in my head. I became scared and, looking at the Crucifix, prayed, ďLord, let this sinner be nailed to the Cross.Ē At that moment, Jesus on the Crucifix above the Blessed Mother was bleeding from His Seven Wounds. The Blood was not dripping on the floor, but turned into white Eucharist at the ends of Our Lordís feet.

At that moment, Julia fell down on the floor and I heard someone shouting loudly, ďThe Eucharist is coming down!Ē People swarmed around the altar. There was much commotion and noise. Julia was carried into her house and my pains slowly disappeared.

A while later, Rufino Park said that the Precious Blood from Our Lordís Five Wounds plus the wounds on the forehead caused by the crown of thorns and the wounds in the Sacred Heart turned into seven Sacred Hosts and came down in order to reveal His Real Presence. Rufino further said that, in this urgent time, even the Blood from the Five Wounds was not enough and, so, the Blood from the Seven Wounds was shed to clean our dirty souls and bodies. Julio, Juliaís husband, said that Julia was suffering the pains of Our Lordís Seven Wounds and also that she was not able to speak because her tongue was stuck to the palate in reparation for the sins of sacrilegious Communions and judging others. I clearly saw that Our Lordís Precious Blood was truly in the Eucharist, behind the appearance of white bread.

I have a deep respect and love for Julia, who chose to lead a life of suffering and, thus, participate in the sufferings of Jesus and the Blessed Mother for the conversion of sinners. I think that to persecute Julia and interfere with her work for the Blessed Mother is to oppose the Lordís Will. That is because Jesus and the Blessed Mother have said, ďI work through my poor little soul who suffers constantly.Ē

The Blessed Mother! Open our spiritual eyes and open our spiritual ears and fill them with your messages like a river and, thus, accomplish the Lordís Will. Amen.

Margarita Jung-Ja Choi, July 5, 1995

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