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Good evening!  My name is Valentino Shin, from Seoul.  First, I would like to thank the Blessed Mother for helping me stand here (in the Chapel in Naju) to testify for her. 

I own several special schools in Seoul and several smaller cities near Seoul for preparing high school students and graduates for college entrance examinations.

It was only after I learned about the Blessed Mother of Naju some years ago that I realized what our prayer life should be like and how Catholics should lead their lives.  Besides, all my business projects were going well.   I said to myself, “All these have been possible, because the Blessed Mother has been with us,” and felt so grateful.

Over time, however, as my business continued prospering, I was becoming prouder, thinking that the success was made possible by my own intelligence.  As my pride and self-confidence continued growing, a sudden, unexpected crisis, which could have wiped out my business, hit us.  I became desperate.  At the crossroads where I could live or die, I remembered the Blessed Mother whom I had forgotten for so long.

So, I said to my wife, “Honey, the current problem cannot be resolved even with money.  The only one we can rely on in the whole world is the Blessed Mother of Naju!  This crisis cannot be overcome unless she helps us.  Let’s go to Naju!”  On November 12, (2001) we went to Naju.  We arrived there at about 2 p.m.  On the Blessed Mother’s mountain, we saw many people collecting little rocks and fallen tree leaves stained with blood (to be preserved in the Chapel).  At the moment I saw many blood-stained rocks on the Way of the Cross, I became overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling: “Oh! The Sacred Blood of Jesus!  How can a sinner like me personally witness this Sacred Blood!”  I continued watching people collecting the blood-stained rocks.  My wife sat down plump and began crying.

As I was watching people collecting the blood-stained rocks, I felt anxious to help even a little, but I did not think that a sinner like me could dare touch the stones that were stained with the Sacred Blood of Jesus.  At that moment, Julia, who was collecting the blood-stained rocks, noticed us and asked for help.  We were so delighted to participate in the holy work.  Only a small portion of the work was videotaped.  It was about 3 p.m. when we began working.  Many people smelled the fragrance of roses while collecting the blood-stained rocks.  I also saw the water of mercy descending upon a large rock in front of the Twelfth Station.  The water of mercy also came down near the Thirteenth Station.  When I carefully touched the water with my finger, it felt more like oil (fragrant oil) than water.

That day, we went to Naju asking the Blessed Mother for help in our crisis, but, unexpectedly, we were participating in the holy work of collecting the Precious Blood of Jesus, witnessing many amazing signs while working.  Because we had to come back to Seoul on the same day, we worked only until 7:30 p.m.  We felt sorry that we could not work any longer.

On the way back to Seoul, I looked at my wife worrying about her sinusitis, which was her long-time suffering.  Suddenly realizing that she had not sneezed all day, I asked her, “Are you okay?  You are not sneezing.”  She seemed surprised also and said, “Yes, I am really okay.  I think I was healed.”

I was amazed, because my wife had suffered from sinusitis for so long, sneezing even when washing her face with cold water.  While working on the Blessed Mother’s mountain in a cold weather for four and a half hours, she did not sneeze even once, nor did she have a runny nose.  On the other hand, I thought that she might only be feeling better temporarily.

When we arrived home, we saw that our children were sleeping without having turned on the heater.  So, I thought that my wife’s sinusitis would worsen and she would sneeze a lot.  Next morning, to my surprise, she was washing clothes and cleaning the house as if she did not have any problem.  I asked, “Uh!  Are you really okay?”  She said, “The Blessed Mother healed me.  I am perfectly okay.”  I was not sure and took her to a hospital for examination.  She was really healed of sinusitis!  Because of her severe allergy problem, her nose bone had been crooked, but now her nose bone was straight again!

Actually, my wife and I had visited many hospitals because of her chronic sinusitis.  Some of the doctors said, “It is very hard to be completely healed of this kind of sinusitis.  If someone finds a cure for sinusitis caused by allergy, he will become a millionaire.”  The only thing they could do for my wife was to reduce the symptoms.  They advised us not to believe anyone who claims to have a cure for this illness.  However, my wife was completely healed thanks to the grace from the Blessed Mother!

Besides, my business problem was also resolved so satisfactorily and speedily that we were able to come back to Naju with happy and relaxed hearts like this today.

We give sincere thanks to the Lord and the Blessed Mother of Naju for having poured so many blessings upon our family.  Thank you.

Valentino Hyun-Man Shin
Sungwon Apartments, Bldg. 101, #1502
Joongkye-dong, Nowon-ku
December 9, 2001

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