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October 19, 2009


1.     Bishop Emeritus James Chan, aged 83 from Johor Bahru state, South Malaysia

This is my fourth visit to Naju, but, every time, I am filled with amazement and expectations as though it were my first pilgrimage here.  Mrs. Julia Kim is testifying for the messages of love and praying for us with all her strength.  This would not be possible without the assistance from the Lord and the Blessed Mother.” 


2.     Fr. Vincent from the United States

Our Lord called us here tonight so that we may become eyewitnesses for Naju, Korea, which is an overwhelmingly and specially holy place.  I have visited many shrines of the Blessed Mother’s apparitions around the world, but Naju is the most special one.  The messages and the unbelievably amazing miracles and signs have been given to us through Julia Kim who is most humble and loving.  Tonight we witnessed true miracles from Jesus and the Blessed Mother who are truly living.  We saw the fragrant oil and smelled the fragrance.  The miracles of the Eucharist here strengthen our faith in the Living Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  The Holy Spirit is repeatedly telling me that Naju will soon be declared as a very special and holy shrineMany young men and women will swarm to Naju to become priests and religious.  Let’s not worry any more but pray harder.” 


3.     Fr. Patrick from Indonesia

Tonight, I am convinced that the words through Julia’s mouth are not hers but the Lord’s and the Blessed Mother’s.  I was also reminded that, when we pray, we must pray with firm faith and trust and pray not only for ourselves but others as well.  It is God’s Will that we share with everyone in the world the love that we received in Naju.” 


4.     Fr. Garcia from the Philippines

This is my first visit to Korea and Naju.  Everything I have been experiencing here so far has been a miracle.  The miracle that moved me most was the strong faith of the thousands of people in the Catholic Faith.  I am blessed as a priest, because I saw such a strong faith.”


5.     Fr. Michael from Malaysia

During the past several days I spent in Naju, I saw your strong faith, and this gave me the strength to testify to many other people for the words from the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  God has chosen Julia as a helper for receiving and spreading the words from the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  We are also specially called to spread these words to our families and others around us.”


6.     Fr. Le from San Francisco, U.S.A.

This is my third visit to Naju thanks to God’s special favor.  God sent us the Blessed Mother of Naju because He loves us and wishes to heal us.  I witnessed miracles with my own eyes and felt the love from the Blessed Mother.  Many people whom I have brought to Naju have experienced changes in their lives and become stronger in the devotion to the Blessed Mother.  We are all sinners before the Lord.  Thank you all.”


7.     Fr. Edward O’Connor from the University of Notre Dame in the United States

You congratulated me today for my 87th birthday.  This is the happiest and most meaningful birthday in my life.  Today I discovered something very important.  It is that Julia is the most important prophetess in the Church for now and is also playing the role of a mediatrix.” 


8.     Fr. Gabriel from Indonesia

This is my fourth pilgrimage to Naju.  My first one was in 1996.  Many of the pilgrims who have come with me have experienced healings.  During the Stations of the Cross on the Mountain, we climbed the Way of the Cross on our bare knees.  Because of the sharp little rocks on the ground, we felt very painful.  I brought one of these rocks home and looked at it.  I felt as if the Lord’s Face appeared on the rock and was saying to me, ‘Gabriel, Gabriel, this pain you experienced was but a small pain.’  This time, I am especially happy to see Fr. O’Connor, who was my teacher.  There are many priests in Indonesia who learned from Fr. O’Connor.  They all respect Fr. O’Connor enormously and are proud of being his students.  When I tell them about Fr. O’Connor’s pilgrimage to Naju, many of them who do not know about Naju and oppose Naju will change.” 


9.     Fr. Paul from Texas, the U.S.A.

I was in Naju during the Holy Week this year.  I saw many miracles and saw Julia suffering pains and bleeding because of scourging.  I was tremendously impressed. 

Being a priest involves many joys and many pains.  I was strongly moved when I heard that Julia had been offering up her many sufferings for the sake of priests.  She loves and respects priests enormously.  Three days ago, while Fr. O’Connor, Fr. Vincent, and I were celebrating the Mass, the Precious Blood came down on the altar cloth.  When we entered the Adoration Chapel, we saw neither fragrant oil nor the Blood, but water-like liquid (lymph), and smelled a strong fragrance of roses.  We were overjoyed and gave praise and gratitude to the Lord and the Blessed Mother.  I also thank Julia who constantly prays and suffers for the priests and religious.”


10.  Fr. Louis Bosmans (a friend of Fr. Raymond Spies’) from Canada with his friends from Belgium

This is my 27th visit to Naju since the beginning of the Blessed Mother’s weeping tears and tears of blood through her statue.  I have visited many other shrines, but there is no place like Naju, where all of the miracles that have occurred at other places are occurring at this place.  It is difficult to explain Naju adequately, because the messages and signs in Naju are so extensive and profound.  The greatest emphasis has been on the importance of the Holy Eucharist, the Mass, and the Sacrament of Confession.  The Kwangju Archdiocese should accept these facts and must not prohibit people from coming here.  We wish to report what we saw in Naju to the Vatican and the Kwangju Archdiocese.”


11.  Brother Banack from the Philippines

This is my sixth visit to Naju.  I have been spreading the Naju information through the TV and radio in the Philippines.  I have been facing some persecutions, but continue bringing pilgrims to Naju, because I have seen that all who have visited Naju are growing spiritually, repenting of their sins.  This time, 31 of us came and one of them received the Precious Blood on his pajamas.  After we return home, we will continue to pray for Julia and all of you in Korea, as Julia, who has been specially chosen, and many of the faithful in Korea, are still suffering enormous persecutions.”


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