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Good evening!  My name is Juliana Yang-Nim Lee, from the Bongsun-dong Parish in Kwangju.  I have received so many graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju, but, because of my shyness, have not been able to give testimony so far.  Even today I managed to stand here after some hesitation.  I give this testimony to give glory to the Lord and gratitude to the Blessed Mother.

In the past, I lived a very worldly life.  I did not mind spending large sums of money for swimming, yoga, aerobic exercises, and more to lose weight and look better.  Without feeling any shame, I dyed my hair blonde, wore thick make-up, and wore huge earrings.  I had an unusual attachment to luxuries.  Now I feel so ashamed for having been so attached to the worldly matters while being so miserly to the heavenly matters. 

I have been making pilgrimages to Naju for the past six years, but only accepting the Blessed Mother’s messages in superficial ways and still unable to sever myself from the worldly things.  Finally, the Blessed Mother lifted up a whip of love. 

One day I suddenly felt a severe pain in my belly and went to a small hospital in the neighborhood.  To my surprise, the doctor said, “You have a tumor in your body.  Hurry up and go to a larger hospital.”  So, for a more thorough test, I went to the Jeonnam University Hospital (in Kwangju) with my husband.

The test result on August 18, 1998, was that I had a malignant tumor in my large intestine.  To be completely sure, I went to the Seoul National University Medical Center with my husband and had another test.  I was told that the test result would not be available for more than 20 days.  So, we returned home in Kwangju on the same day.  I prepared for the worst by making the Confession and receiving the Sacrament of the Sick.  While waiting for more than 20 days for the test result from the medical center, my husband brought me to the Blessed Mother’s Chapel in Naju every morning.  After I prayed in the Chapel all day, my husband came back in the evening to take me home. 

On the fifteenth day, I was praying for the grace of conversion rather than praying for life.  Suddenly, I began seeing my past life clearly as if I were watching a movie.  It was a life of many failures — failure to turn my life into prayers, failure to offer up reparations, failure to live a life of consecration. . . .  I said, “Mother, if I die now, I have nothing to give you.  What shall I do?  What can I say when I stand before the Lord?”  I prayed earnestly, ceaselessly shedding tears of repentance.

While I was crying, five nuns came in and began praying on their knees not far from me.  Suddenly, one of them said to me, looking very surprised, “Oh, my!  Sister, I am smelling an intense fragrance from you!”  At that moment, I firmly believed that the Blessed Mother was curing me and said, “Amen!”  Immediately, the pain in my chest, which had been so severe that I had even experienced difficulty breathing, disappeared completely.  After that, I began trusting the Blessed Mother of Naju even more and continued praying, occasionally drinking the water from her spring. 

When I visited the Seoul National University Medical Center again after my wait of about 20 days, the doctor was very surprised and said that the malignant tumor in my body was turned into a mere polyp.  I had another examination a few weeks later, and the result was that even the polyp disappeared without even leaving any trace.  The doctors were totally amazed. 

After regaining my health thanks to the Blessed Mother, I have been trying to lead a life of offering up little flowers by giving up much of what I wish to do, what I like to do, and what I wish to possess despite my unworthiness.  Many times it is difficult, but I am trying hard. 

Today I brought the documentary records of my healing, hoping that these might be of some help to the Blessed Mother.  I understand that there are many more here besides me who have been healed of cancer.  If you bring your medical examination papers, I believe that they will be of much help to the Blessed Mother of Naju. 

Glory to the Lord and gratitude to the Blessed Mother! 

Juliana Yang-Nim Lee
1034-4, Bongsun 1-Dong, Nam-ku
January 6, 2002

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