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ďOur Lord and the Blessed Mother
gave our family such a grace and loveĒ

My name is Elizabeth Chun in Pusan, Korea. I first visited Naju on the First Saturday in January 1992. I had been a lukewarm Catholic, attending Mass only on Sundays. I had been living in sins, hating my husband. While I was praying in the Blessed Motherís House in Naju, I suddenly began remembering my past vividly as if I were watching a movie, and began weeping. I prayed, "Mother, I am sorry. It has all been my fault. Forgive this sinner and help me love my husband." At that moment, I smelled a strong fragrance of roses. The fragrance followed me wherever I went. I continued smelling it in the bathroom, in the car on the highway, and even at home in Pusan.

Since then, there have been many changes in my family. We were so poor that it was difficult for us to meet our childrenís education expenses. But my husband got a new, better-paying job. A friend of my husband noticed something was wrong about my husbandís neck and pressed him to visit a doctor. The doctor examined him and said that an inflammation of the thyroid glands had been neglected for so long that it even penetrated the bones in his neck and that surgery was necessary. My husband and I set the date for the surgery and were coming home. On the way, both of us smelled a strong fragrance of roses three times. On the day of the surgery, while I was praying the rosary outside the surgery room, I again smelled the fragrance of roses which was filling the hallway in the hospital. My husband was supposed to stay in the hospital for two weeks, but he recovered quickly and was dismissed in six days.

Afterwards, my whole family visited the Blessed Motherís House in Naju. Through the Blessed Motherís love and grace, my husband and two daughters received instructions and were baptized and confirmed. We had lived in a rented room, but now we own a small apartment.

Also, my father-in-law had a major surgery because of his stomach cancer. Large portions of his stomach and esophagus had to be removed. Despite his age (70), the surgery was successful through the Blessed Motherís help. He continued improving and did not have to receive radiation treatment even once. He had always been against the Catholic Faith. I prayed hard during his surgery. After the surgery, I gave him the miraculous water from Naju without telling him about it. He drank it.

He became ill again in February 2000, unable to eat or even drink anything. He was hospitalized and got intravenous injections for about 20 days. I went to Naju on the First Saturday in March and prayed, "Mother, help my father-in-law receive the Sacrament of Baptism. Open his heart, please." Afterwards, he changed his mind and began trusting the Blessed Mother. After I explained about the water from Naju, he drank it. This water was the first thing that he drank in twenty days.

Later, he was able to eat some soup and agreed to be baptized. Both he and my mother-in-law promised to attend the instruction classes. He now places the Crucifix, which he had hated so much, on his pillow and always has a rosary in his hand. He also wears a scapular around his neck and becomes overjoyed when I bring more water from Naju. He listens to recordings of hymns and Scripture readings. He says, "One must empty his heart." He has really changed.

I am deeply grateful to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother who gave our family such a great grace and love. I wish the Lordís peace to all who read my poorly-written testimony.

Elizabeth Chun
Pusan, Korea
April 2, 2000

óFrom Maryís Touch, May 2000 newsletter

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