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A Personal Testimony by Mira Guizot
June 27, 2006


My name is Mira Guizot from Bali, Indonesia.  For the past two years, I have been organizing pilgrimages to Naju.  Before that, I had not even imagined that I would be organizing pilgrimages to a shrine and visiting it on a regular basis.

I had been staying away from the Church for 13 years.  Because I had committed so many sins, I had felt that I was not worthy to look at the Lord.

When I first came to Naju in 2004, I attended Mass on the Blessed Mother's Mountain together with other pilgrims.  During the Mass, Fr. Jerry Orbos said in his homily, "Ask yourself why you came here."  He repeated this question several times.  I was surprised, thinking, "How can a priest ask a question like this?"  The priest kept asking the same questions several more times, each time looking at me.  In my mind, I thought, "If someone did not ask me, I would not have come here." 

Fr. Orbos then answered his question: "The reason why you came here is that the Lord and the Blessed Mother in Naju invited you with love."  I was shocked by hearing that.  I began crying uncontrollably, thinking, "Lord!  Blessed Mother!  I did not pray, but only committed sins.  Why do you still love me so much?"

I was startled again when Fr. Orbos asked me to read the Epistle.  The reading was about "forgiving".  I kept on shedding the tears of repentance ceaselessly, thinking, "Oh, Lord!  Please forgive this sinner, who has hurt Your Heart so much and has not repented at all."

During the time of meeting the Blessed Mother, people lined up to make a bow to the Blessed Mother and, then, to embrace Julia.  However, I felt hesitant to embrace Julia because of my past sins.  While I was standing at some distance from her, I was worried that she might refuse to embrace me.  When it was my turn, however, Julia looked at me with a smile and embraced me.

At that moment, I felt that all the heavy burdens that had been pressing down upon my shoulders were disappearing.  I felt the greatest joy and peace in my life.  I had not expected that Julia would embrace me, as I knew that my soul was very dirty and sinful.  Nevertheless, Julia embraced me warmly, making a very beautiful smile.  I burst into tears again and repeated to myself, "Forgive me.  I am a great sinner who has hurt the Lord's Heart for many years.  Please forgive me."  Until that moment in my whole life, I had never wept and repented so much.

After I came back to Bali, I told everybody whom I met about Naju and what I experienced in Naju.  However, because they knew that I had been a fallen-away Catholic for a long time, none of them was willing to believe my words.  So, I made a pamphlet about the Blessed Mother and freely distributed it to people.  The response was very good.

I am sure that I was able to begin organizing pilgrimages to Naju in 2005 thanks to the Blessed Mother's guidance.  When I organized the first pilgrimage to Naju in June, 2005, a woman came to me together with her son to join the pilgrimage. 

Because I had no previous experience in organizing pilgrimages, I did not want to include any sick people especially in the first pilgrimage.  The boy was very sick and had many complications.  His whole body had withered up and underdeveloped.  He was five years old but weighed only 10 kg.  I did not want to take the sick people in the first pilgrimage, but God showed very clearly that His Will was different from mine. 

On the first day in Naju, we entered the Chapel, smelling a strong fragrance of roses.  We also saw that the Blessed Mother's milk had come down on the Chapel floor.  Everyone in the pilgrimage group wept, realizing that the Blessed Mother had been waiting for the boy.

I asked the boy's mother to collect the Blessed Mother's miraculous water.  I first filled my bottle with water, and, then, the boy's mother filled her bottle with water.  When her bottle came full, the water in the bottle was not clear but milky.  First, we wondered if some polluted water came out of the spring, but soon realized that it was the Mother's milk.  The boy's mother and I were so surprised and trembled wildly.  I said to the boy's mother, "Make haste to give it to your son.  The Blessed Mother is giving her milk to your son.  He will be healed."  A while later, Julia came and embraced the boy.  She rubbed his head and kissed it.  Immediately, the boy, who had not been able to speak, made the Sign of the Cross and said, "Alleluia!"

Before that moment, the boy had not been able to do anything and had been just blindly staring at the sky.  Saliva kept flowing out of his mouth.  When his mother saw him make the Sign of the Cross and cry out "Alleluia!", she felt overwhelmed and began crying.  She could not stop crying.

In October 2005, an Archbishop and quite many pilgrims came to Naju from Indonesia.  The Archbishop seemed unsure at first, but believed after he felt live pulses in both hands of the Blessed Mother's statue.  He then prayed the rosary together with other pilgrims walking on the Way of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain.  He received several drops of the Lord's Precious Blood on his shirt and jacket while walking on the Mountain.  After his return to Indonesia, the Archbishop has continued to firmly support Naju.  He also gave testimony to the miracles and God's power which he experienced in Naju at the Bishops' Conference.

In May this year, I came again with an elderly priest in the group.  He kept on complaining about everything.  Finally, I could not put up with him any longer and complained to the Blessed Mother, "Blessed Mother!  Why did you send us a priest like him?  You could have sent us a better one." 

In his homily during the Mass on the First Saturday of May on the Mountain, the priest talked about the wedding in Cana instead of the theme of the Gospel reading that the Lord is our Shepherd.  Later, I asked the priest why he did that, but he said that he did not understand why.  After the Mass, he said, "Let's not wait here for Julia's healing prayers and the time for meeting the Blessed Mother, but go back to the hotel right away."

The priest even said that the oil flowing down on the Blessed Mother's statue must have been sprayed by a volunteer in Naju and that the blood on the ground of the Blessed Mother's Mountain must also have been sprayed by a volunteer.  Everyone in my group was shocked and prayed for the priest, instead of the priest praying for us.  We asked the Blessed Mother to forgive the priest for what he was saying.  The priest continued being difficult.  In the Chapel, he was sitting in the back corner and did not pray.  He only complained that the Chapel was not nice.  I felt sure that the Blessed Mother sent us a wrong priest.

On the last day of our stay in Naju, Peter Suh, the travel agent, was helping to prepare the sacred vessels for the Mass.  He filled one bottle with wine, but left another bottle empty, thinking that the priest would fill it with water.  The Mass began as usual.  During the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the priest poured all of the wine in one bottle into the chalice and dropped a few drops of water into it.  Then, he washed his hands with the water from the water bottle.

After the Distribution of the Eucharist, the priest tried to wash the chalice with water.  He picked up the water bottle that he had used earlier during the Mass and poured the water from it into the chalice.  At that moment an amazing thing happened.  The water poured into the chalice was no longer water but wine.  The priest could have fainted because he was surprised so hard.  With his shaking hands, he poured the wine in the chalice back into the bottle.

The priest seemed to be in panic.  He received a bottle of the miraculous spring water from a pilgrim and poured the water into the chalice and drank it.  I saw his hands still shaking.  After Mass, the priest prayed very devoutly.  All of us in the group had faces filled with joy, because God showed the priest that all the signs in Naju were truly coming from Him.

What surprised us even more was that, after the Mass, the priest said that he never filled the water bottle with water and the water bottle was empty when the Mass began.  In other words, the water bottle (miraculously) became filled with water when the priest was preparing the chalice and again when the priest was washing the chalice and his fingers after Communion.  Then, this water changed into wine in the chalice.  The priest could not say any more because he was in the state of a shock.

Soon afterwards when we went back to the Chapel, we saw the priest stepping on the raised floor and kneeling before the Blessed Mother's statue.  I prayed to the Blessed Mother, "Blessed Mother, I have realized that you do not neglect any of us.  Thank you.  I will continue bringing more people to you."  God led the priest who did not believe the Blessed Mother of Naju to reading the account of the wedding in Cana in the Gospel and then gave him the exactly the same miracle.  Thus, He changed the priest. 

Lately, many people are experiencing enormous difficulties because of the Kwangju Archbishop's Declaration.  However, I will never consent to the errors but will be even more obedient to the words of God and the Blessed Mother from now on.  My own Bishop is very good and humble.  Because he has experienced and firmly believe that everything in Naju is coming from God, he supports me and even told me not to stop this work which I am doing for the Blessed Mother of Naju.

I simply cannot understand why they are trying to prevent us from praying here.  They have no right to stop us from making pilgrimages to Naju and praying, converting, being healed spiritually and physically, restoring forgiveness and harmony in sick families, and becoming sanctified spiritually and from spreading the messages of the Blessed Mother of Naju.   

I have the right and duty to defend my conviction and faith in the Blessed Mother of Naju and to make her known.  I believe that the Blessed Mother always helps me to come to Naju and to take people to Naju.  If not, it would not have been possible that I have been taking many pilgrims to Naju for the past two years.  The Marian Conference in Bali would not have been possible, either.

What is most certain is that Julia could come to Bali, because this is God's work and, likewise, that nobody can stop it from now on, either.  They tried to stop all the Bishops and priests from attending the Conference in Bali, but two Bishops and more than thirty priests came and participated in it.  The Conference in Bali was a success.  Numerous people received spiritual and physical healings.  So many fallen-away Catholics and atheists repented and came back to the Church.  Those who had broken families found reconciliation and harmony and are making pilgrimages to Naju.

The Lord and the Blessed Mother have shown many miraculous signs while our group was in Naju, even though I am not seeking or chasing after any miracles.  Nevertheless, the Lord and the Blessed Mother have shown us how much They love us by working so many signs of love.  I firmly believe that what is occurring in Naju truly comes from God. 

Thank you.

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