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A report by Judy Navarrete, Los Angeles, California

I am pleased to report on an experience I had while on vacation in Italy this May with a few pilgrims.

Part of our itinerary was to visit San Giovanni Rotondo, the shrine of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, (Padre Pio), and Monte Sant'Angelo, the shrine of of St. Michael the Archangel, about six miles east of San Giovanni Rotondo.  At this time there was an exhibit of all the approved Eucharistic miracles which have occurred in the Church over the centuries.  My joy and surprise was to see the Eucharistic miracle which occurred to Julia when she was visiting the Vatican.  There was a short explanation in Italian next to the pictures, and the tour guide explained what was stated.  The miracle initially had not been made public by the Vatican but now it approved that the miracle be shown.  The pictures showed that the Pope had witnessed the Eucharistic miracle and had given Julia his blessing.

An exhibit in the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel in Monte Sant'Angelo, Italy, describing the Eucharistic miracle through Julia Kim in the Vatican on October 31, 1995

(Click on the photo for English translation)

This was not all.  On the TV in all of Italy a series on different miracles was going to be shown every Saturday.  The first of the series was the Eucharistic miracles of Naju.  A one-hour TV show was aired on Saturday, May 19, throughout Italy.  According to our tour guide this would not be aired if the Vatican had not given the approval since the Pope would be part of the documentary with the miracle at the Vatican of October 31, 1995.

Unfortunately our group was not in Italy on May 19, and was not able to see the documentary.  According to a friend of ours who came from Germany, a bishop from the Vatican was interviewed in the TV show.  This is what they heard him say: “We in the Church are very discreet, cautious and thorough on such matters.  But, in the case of Naju, the Holy Father himself has become a witness, and also considering the simple and humble life of Julia, who has been receiving the messages and pains, Naju now has to be approved.”

I believe in Our Lord and Our Lady’s presence in Naju as well as the different miracles which have occurred to Julia.  Time and time again I come across persons who tell me, “Naju has not been approved.”  This does not diminish my belief but I realize how little faith people have in God’s beautiful love for them, which is indeed sad.  Here again in all of Italy people would witness the Eucharistic miracles of Naju via TV.  I know many were touched and hope and pray that more will come to believe in the true presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

Our Lady has asked us to be witnesses and to stand firm beside her as she will triumph.  This TV presentation in Italy to me is a confirmation that her triumph is taking place.  She just needs our support and prayers.

Our Lord and Our Lady have asked us many times to urgently spread the messages and for us to open our hearts widely and believe in His Real Presence.  I truly hope those who have heard about Naju and have become lukewarm will return to being true apostles of Our Lord and continue to spread their messages of love.

We all need to be obedient, but to whom?  The Holy Father is God’s representative to all Catholics here on earth and “we,” bishops, priests, and lay people need to be obedient to him first and foremost.  The Vatican has approved the exhibit and was aware of the documentary on TV.  I am not the only witness to this, either.  We all need a great deal of prayers because the devil is really trying to divide us as a church.

For the next few days we prepare ourselves for the Feast of the Holy Spirit, the Pentecost.  Let’s pray that He come into all those cold, hard hearts that refuse to believe in Our Lady and Our Lord’s Presence in Naju.

Judy Navarrete
Los Angeles, California
May 31, 2001

Sign at the entrance to the room where Eucharistic Miracles
in Church History are exhibited

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