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“The water from Naju was really the Blessed Mother’s milk!”

Praise be to Jesus!  Praise be to the Blessed Mother! 

My name is Joanna Lim in the Woonnam-dong Parish in Kwangju City in Korea.  I have five children.  I have received so many graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju, but would like to introduce just one of them here.

Several days ago, my eldest son was feeling hot after playing outside home and asked for cold water.  I opened the refrigerator to give him some of the water from Naju, but could not find any left in the refrigerator.  To prepare cold water fast, I poured some of the Naju water into a stainless bowl and put it in the freezer.  Then, I forgot completely about it and remembered it two days later.  The water became completely frozen.  So, I put it in the refrigerator so that the ice might melt.  Then, I forgot about it again and three days later I remembered that I had put it in the refrigerator.  While taking the water out of the refrigerator, I thought that, because the water was not covered, it must have absorbed food odor and that I would use it to water plants.  To my surprise, the water was not clear but milky.  The Blessed Mother’s water from Naju had turned into her milk!  I felt that the Blessed Mother was telling me, “This is Mommy’s milk.  Do not waste even a drop.”  My husband and children were amazed also.  We prayed and sang together, “With the Precious Blood of Jesus, with the Precious Blood of Jesus, heal our souls and bodies. Amen.”  Then, we drank all of the milk, thanking the Lord and the Blessed Mother.

My breast milk has been insufficient for my babies.  So, I have supplemented it with cow’s milk.  Now, I give my children the Blessed Mother’s milk also in addition to my breast milk and cow’s milk.  While I feed the baby, I pray, “Lord, I am feeding my baby with my milk (or cow’s milk).  Turn it into the Blessed Mother’s milk so that the baby may grow well spiritually and physically.”  I compared the Blessed Mother’ milk with my own breast milk.  They looked exactly the same.  I think that, because we were drinking the Blessed Mother’s water without gratitude, she showed us that her water was really her own milk. 

Glory be to the Lord!  Praise be to the Blessed Mother!  Amen.  Alleluia.

—Joanna Jae-Hee Lim, Joogong Apts. Bldg. 403, #104, 771-1 Woonnam-dong, Kwangsan-ku, Kwangju City, May 3, 2000

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