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Anastasia Hyang-ran Koh
282-2 Samjung-dong, Ojung-ku
Buchon City, Kyungki Province, Korea
August 4, 2001

Praise Jesus!  I am Anastashia Koh from Buchon. 

Most of the young couples who do not know about the Blessed Mother of Naju practice artificial birth control after they have their desired number of children.  If they find themselves with more children conceived against their intention, they spontaneously resort to abortions.  Of course, before I became a Catholic, I myself was accepting that as quite normal.  I did not know that abortion was a sin.  When I was preparing to be baptized in the Catholic Church one year prior to marriage, I was taught the natural way of family planning.

After marriage, we had two children.  Then, I suddenly found myself pregnant with a third child.  Because we did not want any more children, we were very worried.  My husband strongly insisted on abortion, but I did not think that I could abort my own child.  While agonizing about this problem, I learned that Julia Kim was coming to speak at a retreat at our parish church.  It was my first retreat after I became a Catholic.

During the retreat, Julia told the audience that, according to the Blessed Mother’s message, abortion was murder.  Thanks to the graces I received during this retreat, I was able to accept my third child naturally.  I became so encouraged by the Blessed Mother’s message that I was able to tell my husband that I would not do abort the child even if it meant divorce.  Objections and criticisms around me continued, but I listened to the message tape every day and finally gave a birth to my third child without any complication. 

After that, I frequently told young expecting mothers about the Blessed Mother’s message and the seriousness of abortions.  Many of them have tests, fearing that their children might be deformed.  I know one case where the test showed that the baby lacked much of its brain (anencephaly), and the baby was aborted in the third or fourth month of pregnancy.  So I play the message tape from Naju to many young expecting mothers and encourage them to entrust everything to the Lord and the Blessed Mother and give birth to their babies. 

After I had my third baby, I became pregnant again.  One of the nurses at the hospital called me “a barbarian,” but I did give birth to my fourth child.  People around me have continued to give me cold eyes and criticizing words, which sometimes makes me depressed, but I have been able to easily overcome them since I knew the Blessed Mother of Naju.  Now, the more criticisms I hear, the more courageous I become, confronting them with a renewed determination:  “I am willing to give birth to ten babies or maybe twenty.”  Now I have six children.  Some people advise me to start practicing artificial birth control, but I do not even imagine that, remembering the Blessed Mother’s message that she was suffering so much in her Heart because of the unlimited birth control in the world. 

Especially when those women who are in their 40s become pregnant, they do not hesitate to have abortions, committing the terrible sins of cruelly murdering innocent lives.  There are just too many such people around me. 

I ask all the sisters who know the Blessed Mother of Naju:  If you know any persons who are pregnant in their late years and are considering abortion, please tell them about the Blessed Mother’s message and encourage them to give birth to their babies.  How sad it would be if we stop spreading the messages and keep hiding the graces we have received simply because Naju is under persecution!  Let us have total confidence in the Blessed Mother and bravely give testimony to the graces we have received.  That way we can share with our neighbors the graces from the Blessed Mother.  Let us pray for each other and try to courageously make the graces from the Blessed Mother known.

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