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My name is Theresa Lee.  I am from Pusan.  It has been exactly six years since I began making pilgrimages to Naju.  During that period of time, I have received many graces of healing from the Lord and the Blessed Mother in Naju, but tonight I would like to share with you the grace of healing that my baby son, my second child, received.  He was born earlier this year, but, five days after his birth, his belly became swollen with air, and he repeatedly had diarrhea.  When I took him to a doctor, the doctor said that the baby had been born with weak intestines and asked me to feed him specially-prepared milk.  For the next nine months, I fed my baby the special milk, but he did not make any improvement.  Then, my mother suggested that I mix milk with the water from the Blessed Motherís spring.  Gradually the baby has recovered.

Later, the baby developed external hemorrhoids and a severe infection in them.  Because of this, he had much difficulty in having bowel movements.  To a baby only nine months old, it was an extreme difficulty.  The doctor examined him and said that he needed surgery.  Then, last August 15, when I was feeding him the water from the Blessed Motherís spring, I continuously smelled an intense odor of herbal medicine instead of the usual fragrance of roses.  When I mentioned this to my sister, she said, ďAh! The Blessed Mother must be healing your baby!Ē

After the pilgrimage on August 15, I took the baby again to the doctor.  He said that all the symptoms present during the previous examination were gone and that the baby did not need any surgery.  I was sure that my baby was cured by the grace from the Blessed Mother of Naju.

In addition, I myself had a severe hemorrhage during the whole month of July.  When I visited a hospital, I was told that I had a cancerous tumor, 3-4 cm wide, in my uterus and needed to have surgery within two months.  Soon afterwards, while I was attending an overnight prayer meeting in Naju, someone told me that Julia was suffering exactly the same kind of pains that I was suffering, which were severe pains in the abdomen.  Three or four minutes after I heard this, I began feeling pains as if I was delivering a baby and felt nausea also.  I felt it so hard that I leaned against the wall in the back of the Chapel until the prayer meeting was over.  As soon as I came home in the morning, I went to the hospital.  When the doctor examined me, he said that the tumor was gone.  I realized that the Blessed Mother healed me that night in Naju.  Since then I have not had any hemorrhage and have been leading a very healthy life.  

I give testimony to these healings, because I cannot keep these amazing graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju just to myself but wish to share them with you.  I pray that all of you also receive much grace and love from the Blessed Mother of Naju.

Theresa Hyun Sook Lee
City Development Corporation Apartments #121-1703
Region 4, Dadae-dong, Saha-ku

Pusan, Korea
Tel:  (051) 23-3786
September 2, 2001

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