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His Excellency Paul Chang-Yeol Kim, Bishop of the Cheju Diocese Witnessed a Eucharistic Miracle in Naju

On June 12, 1997, at about 11:40 a.m., His Excellency Paul Chang-Yeol Kim, Bishop of the Cheju Diocese and Rev. Anthony Jung-Yong Kim, an elderly priest in the Kwangju Archdiocese, came to the Blessed Motherís House in Naju. While His Excellency Kim, Father Kim, Julia and I were praying before the Blessed Motherís statue, a Sacred Host descended from the direction of the Crucifix to the altar in front of the Blessed Motherís statue. It was a large Sacred Host which priests use during Mass. There were images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the Sacred Host. There were flames above the Sacred Heart and a small cross above the flames. Two rows of thorns were surrounding the Sacred Heart. Two drops of the Precious Blood were dripping from the Heart.

The Sacred Host was soon moved to the Naju Parish Church and was placed in the tabernacle. His Excellency Kim said that he would report to Archbishop Yoon of Kwangju about the Eucharistic miracle he witnessed. It was the eighth Eucharistic miracle through the Blessed Mother of Naju, and the seventh Eucharistic miracle witnessed by the Holy Father or bishops, and the first Eucharistic miracle witnessed by a Korean bishop.

Rufino Yun-Hoon Park, Sukang Apts. #302, Keumkye-dong, Naju, June 12, 1997

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