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Miraculous photographs taken in Naju had images of the Holy Eucharist beside the Blessed Motherís statue

It was the Feast of the Installment of the Papacy. An intense fragrance of roses was filling the Chapel from the morning. Large amounts of fragrant oil also exuded from the Blessed Motherís statue. The fragrance was so strong that it was almost intoxicating. While we were praying in the Chapel, Julia came in. She read the Scripture and prayed. Then, she began taking photographs of the Blessed Motherís statue. While she was taking photographs, I and others in the Chapel noticed that the Blessed Motherís statue was moving to her left. We were very amazed. A man from Inchon, who was also taking photographs, first thought that his camera was shaking. Later he was amazed also after realizing that the statue itself was moving. After Julia finished taking photographs, she began suffering pains again and left the Chapel supported by others. Later, Rufino Park, the Chapel administrator, told us that Julia had received a message from the Blessed Mother.

Two days later, Rufino looked quite excited with joy and asked us to come and see the photographs that had just been developed. We prayed together and saw the photographs. We were totally amazed, because there were unexpected images of the Holy Eucharist and the Chalice in the photographs. On the Eucharist, there were images of a cross and letters: alpha and omega.

We looked at the images in the photographs more closely with a magnifying glass. The Eucharist was bleeding! How can I describe this amazing mystery? The Chalice in the photograph looked exquisitely-made. Then, I understood why the Blessed Mother moved to her left while the photographs were being taken: she wanted to make more room for the Eucharist and the Chalice.

I felt a sense of awe about the Holy Eucharist. I had been receiving Communion out of habit and without much devotion. I had been a sinful person who had attended Mass and received Communion superficially. I was more shocked by this miracle, which I personally witnessed, than by any other miracles in Naju. After seeing this miracle, I became firmly convinced of the Lordís living presence in the Eucharist. I realized that we should receive the Lord with a clean heart and a clean body, giving Him profound adoration and love.

The Lord is alive and waiting for us in the tabernacles, but we have been so forgetful and indifferent toward Him. This miracle made me clearly aware of the Lordís living presence in the Eucharist and made me realize that we should become sanctified to be more worthy of receiving Him. I was fearful that I might again become cold toward Jesus Who is hiding in the Eucharist. I made a firm resolution to reform my life, to give an utmost adoration, love and reparation to the Lord. Jesus, Who is in the Blessed Sacrament, let us become flames of love for Thee! Amen.

Catarina Mi-Ja Cha, 148-66 Bongchun 6-dong, Kwanak-ku, Seoul, June 1993.

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