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Maria Bok-Ja Kim
950 Dokok-dong, Kangnam-ku
Seoul, Korea
February 3, 2002

In early 2000, my husband was showing severe symptoms of psoriasis on his legs and asked me to apply some ointment to the affected areas.  I was surprised to see large areas on his legs turned reddish and scaly.  I said, “Oh, my goodness!  For skin diseases, the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring in Naju is the best,” and, instead of applying the ointment, poured some of the water from Naju on his legs.  Several days later, I asked him, “Honey, what happened to your skin problem?”  When I looked, I saw that his legs were completely healthy and clean.  We were overjoyed and thanked the Blessed Mother of Naju.

Later that year, on June 30, 2000, I went to Naju to participate in the overnight prayer meeting commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s first weeping tears.  There were many pilgrims from not only inside Korea but also many other countries.  After the overnight prayer meeting and several hours of rest, pilgrims went to the Blessed Mother’s mountain in the afternoon of July 1.  When we were praying the rosary together, alternating between English and Korean, I felt like being in Heaven already.  From the Blessed Mother’s spring and all over the mountain, we smelled an unusually strong fragrance of roses.  All the pilgrims were overjoyed, some saying, “Oh, the fragrance of roses!  Oh, my!  Smell this fragrance!”  Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia joined us at about 3 p.m.       

We also saw unusual sun phenomena.  The sun became like the Eucharist and rotated, radiating lights of different colors.  Clouds also reflected those colors.  The whole sky over the mountain was beautifully decorated with different colors.  Then, a yellow, Eucharist-like image appeared on the Blessed Mother’s statue on the mountain.  The whole mountain seemed to have been dyed in yellow. 

Fr. Su blessed the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring, and pilgrims happily drank it.  Because the fragrance of roses from the water was so intense, I thought that my son could be cured of the cancer in his thymus gland if he drank this water.  I became more and more convinced that he would be healed.  But I did not have any bottle to carry the water home with.  Then, I saw a lady with a small bottle, and asked her if she could give it to me for my son with a cancer.  She gave it to me gladly.  Thus, I was able to bring some water home for my son. 

My son was diagnosed with a cancer in his thymus gland when he was in the ninth grade.  He had surgery, but the cancer was found again seven years later.  He was operated on again in April 1999.  However, the cancer reappeared again four months later, and he had to be hospitalized once every month for anti-cancer treatment for the next 18 months.  However, the cancer continued progressing, becoming more malignant.  The doctor eventually said that he could not promise any improvement.  He meant that there was no hope of healing.  He meant that he was giving up.

I did not give up, however.  I thought that, even if the doctor could not see any hope, the Blessed Mother certainly would.  When I opened the bottle containing the water from the Blessed Mother’s spring in Naju, we were overwhelmed by an extremely intense fragrance of roses.  I meditated, “The Lord said that the hour had not yet come , but He turned water into wine at His Mother’s request.  I firmly believe that the Lord will likewise heal my son with this water of grace, which is giving off the fragrance of roses.”  I believed that my son would be cured, and prayed like Julia, entrusting everything to the Lord, “Lord, we are Yours, if we live; and we are Yours, if we die.  Let Your Will be done.”  While praying, I fed the water to my son a little at a time.  Also, I consecrated my son and myself to the Lord and the Blessed Mother, and experienced a deep feeling of peace in my heart.  I continued feeding him the water from Naju for the next several days. 

Then, I took my son to the hospital.  After examining him, the doctor was totally amazed and puzzled, saying, “I did not imagine that he could improve this much.  What happened?”  While wondering, he also expressed joy.                 

My son had been in a totally desperate situation because of the recurring and worsening cancer, but has been completely healed by the graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju.  He is now completely healthy and is leading a normal life, giving thanks to the Blessed Mother of Naju every day. 

Lord, Blessed Mother, thank You so much!  Glory to You!

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