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I was healed of a chronic heart disease during a Holy Hour prayer meeting in Naju

At the end of the Holy Hour prayer meeting on Thursday, all the participants were introducing themselves. At the moment I finished introducing myself and sat down on the floor, I was surprised because I felt three unusually strong pulses in my chest. At that moment, my chronic heart disease and high blood pressure were cured. Between 1 and 2 a.m. that night, while I was praying quietly before the Blessed Motherís statue, I saw the Blessed Mother blinking her eyes three times followed by a wink. I became overjoyed and shed tears. The next day, she was smiling at me. Since that time, I have discontinued taking all my medicines without any problem. I have been praying and giving gratitude, praise and glory to the Lord and the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother is giving us fragrant oil and fragrance by squeezing all of herself for our spiritual and physical healing. I am writing this testimony so that the brothers and sisters who are not forgiving each other and wandering in sorrows may know about my joy and approach Our Lord and Our Lady with a firm faith and love. I also pray that the Lordís mercy and the Blessed Motherís love be with Julia forever, as she has been suffering so much for our sake.

Theresa Lee, Los Angeles, California, September 2, 1993

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