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A Testimony by Rufino Park

After I attended a funeral Mass (at 10 a.m.) in the Naju Parish Church on June 12, 1997, I was told that His Excellency Paul Chang-Yeol Kim, Bishop of the Cheju Diocese was visiting the Blessed Mother’s House (the Chapel in Naju) and returned hurriedly.  When I arrived at the Chapel, I saw Bishop Kim together with Fr. Anthony Jung-Yong Kim, an elderly priest of the Kwangju Archdiocese.

I invited Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim to the Chapel office and explained to them for about thirty minutes about the numerous miraculous signs in Naju, especially about the Eucharistic miracles.  Then, I asked them to come to the front of the Chapel where the Blessed Mother’s statue was.  I removed the glass cover in front of the Blessed Mother’s statue and also moved the candlelights to the side.  I explained in more detail about the Eucharistic miracles that had occurred in the Chapel.

At that moment, Julia, who had been in severe pains, came and greeted Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim.  The Bishop and the priest blessed her.

Because Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim had been standing for quite a while, someone brought two chairs.  Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim sat in the chairs, while I continued speaking about the previous miracles on my knees.  Bishop Kim said, “The Sacred Hosts that descended in this Chapel and the Sacred Hosts that turned into visible flesh and blood on Julia’s tongue should have been preserved.  It is too bad that they were not preserved.”  The Bishop continued, “If more Eucharistic miracles occur in this Chapel, the Eucharist must be preserved by the Pastor of Naju.  I have already suggested this to Archbishop Youn.” 

Then, Fr. Kim said that it was about time to leave, even though he felt like staying longer.  Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim went closer to the Blessed Mother’s statue to say farewell.  As they approached the Blessed Mother’s statue, I set aside the framed photographs which were before the statue.  Bishop Kim said, “Let’s pray together.”  As we were about to begin praying, a white host suddenly descended to the altar before the Blessed Mother’s statue with a loud noise.  The host was somewhat larger than the hosts that priests use during Mass.  At that moment, spontaneously, I screamed loudly, “Oh, the Eucharist!”  Bishop Kim also looked at the host and knelt, saying, “Oh, the living Jesus!”

Julia was on her knees and crying, with her eyes focused on the Eucharist.  All of us knelt before the Eucharist and worshipped the Lord.  I hurriedly telephoned the Pastor of Naju and, then, began taking photographs and videotaping.  Bishop Kim, Fr. Kim and Julia continued praying before the Eucharist.  More than twenty other pilgrims present in the Chapel also came to the front one by one and worshipped the Eucharist. 

Soon, Fr. Gabriel Young-Woong Park, the Pastor of Naju, came and conversed with Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim in the Chapel office.  When Bishop Kim said, “A miracle like this has never occurred in the two-thousand-year history of the Church,” Fr. Park responded by saying, “But there also was a Eucharistic miracle in the Vatican.”  After talking with each other for a while, Bishop Kim and Fr. Park together went to the front of the Chapel and worshipped the Eucharist.

Then, Bishop Kim held in his hands the Eucharist, which came down from above, and blessed all the pilgrims in the Chapel.  Bishop Kim and Fr. Kim left and Fr. Park placed the Eucharist in a pyx and went back to the Parish Church with the Sisters from the Parish in order to expose the Eucharist in a monstrance in the Parish chapel.

I offer up immense gratitude to the Lord for allowing me to witness with my own eyes this amazing and stupendous Eucharistic miracle and to the Blessed Mother of Naju for her love.  I give this testimony in order to make known the profound love and joy that have been deeply imprinted on my heart. 

Adoration, glory, praise and gratitude to Jesus Who is present in the Eucharist with His Flesh, Blood, Soul, and Divinity forever and ever!  Amen. 

Rufino Yun-Hoon Park
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Naju, Jeonnam Province
South Korea
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