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For all the messages in Naju, read the book, Messages of Love:

Note (Apr. 8, 2014):  A new and more accurate English translation of these messages is currently in progress, with expected completion in spring of 2015.  We hope that all of the English messages can be published as one book (which will be about 500 pages) in 2015.  We also plan to publish each part of the new translation on this webpage so that people in the entire world may have a quick and easy access to the messages in Naju. Our purpose in this new translation is to make the meanings and expressions of the English words and sentences more exactly identical to those of the original messages in Korean. The first translation was done in 1991-1992 and the first English message book was published in 1992 and has been used until now.  After 1992, four small booklets with more recent messages have been published as supplements, which are still available.  In our opinion, the first part of the messages is most important, powerful, and basic, as they are the Blessed Mother's admonitions to us, her children, about our daily life as Christians. See below for translations marked as updated


January 1

April 18 - Photos taken at the Stations of the Cross


December 25
- Christmas 2013 in Naju, Korea

December 8 - Our Lady of Naju, Victorious Queen of the World

September 7 - Pilgrims from Europe visit Naju

August 21 - Six priests and four laity from Vietnam visit Naju

August 13 - Julia Kim speaks at Youth Retreat in Naju

June 30 - Descent of Our Lord's Precious Blood

June 30 - 28th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears in Naju  

May 4 - First Saturday

March 28-31 - Paschal Triduum


October 9 - Pilgrims from Australia visit Naju

October 6 - First Saturday

August 13-15 - Sixth Annual Youth Retreat in Naju

June 30 - 27th Anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears in Naju

June 13 - Photographs of pilgrims from Vietnam

April 5-6 - Photographs taken during Holy Thursday and Good Friday



October 19 - Photographs taken on the 25th Anniversary of Our Lady's first shedding tears of blood in Naju

July 14 - Photographs taken during Thursday Holy Hour

Our Lord's Precious Blood descended on June 30 and July 2

July 2 - Photographs taken on First Saturday

June 4 - Photographs taken on First Saturday

April 22 - Messages of Love from God the Father and Jesus

April 22 - Photographs taken on Good Friday

March 10 - The Blessed Mother's urgent appeal for repentance, reparation, and prayers of love


February 28

Photos taken on February 28, Eucharistic Miracle in the Vatican

March 1

March 3

March 20

March 28

March 31

Photos taken in Holy Week

Photos taken of pilgrims from Goa, India, May 2010

Photos taken September 4


Photos taken on October 17

Photos taken in September

Photos taken on September 5

Photos taken in August

Photos taken in June

Photos taken during Holy Week


Photos taken on Christmas

Photos taken on November 24

Photos taken on October 19

August 2First Saturday

June 30 — 23rd Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping tears in Naju

March 1First Saturday

December 25

December 15

December 8 — Solemnity of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception

December 1First Saturday

November 24

October 19 21st Anniversary of Our Lady's first shedding tears of blood in Naju

September 1 First Saturday

August 15 — Solemnity of Our Lady's Assumption

August 4 First Saturday

July 7 First Saturday

June 30 — 22nd Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping tears in Naju

June 2 First Saturday

May 5 First Saturday

April 7 — Easter Vigil

April 6 Good Friday

March 3First Saturday

February 3First Saturday

January 1



November 4First Saturday

October 7Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and First Saturday

Photos taken on October 7

September 3 — First Saturday

August 15 Solemnity of the Assumption

August 5 — First Saturday

June 30 — 21st Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping tears in Naju

June 3 Vigil of Pentecost

May 16

May 6 — First Saturday

April 14 Good Friday

March 31

March 4

January 29



December 31 — Our Lady's weeps tears of blood again through her statue in Naju

October 19 — 19th Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping tears of blood in Naju

October 1 — Fragrant oil on First Saturday

September 10–12 — Marian Conference with Julia Kim in the Philippines

Some photos taken in Naju in 2005

May 6 Miracles of the Eucharist in Naju

March 25 Good Friday


Some photos taken in Naju in 2004

August 15 — Photos taken on August 15

June 30 19th Anniversary of Our Lady's first weeping in Naju

April 9 Good Friday


February 16 — Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady


January 1
— The Eucharist descends in Naju again

January 3 — ‘The Lord is giving you one more chance for repentance’

January 18 — ‘The Way of the Cross, which I personally walk shedding blood together with you’

January 18 (2) — ‘The signs coming down from Heaven are the Mysteries of Salvation’

January 27 — ‘Accomplish the mission that has been entrusted to you’

February 2 — Our Lady’s message on the Feast of Our Lord’s Presentation

March 28 — Our Lady’s message on Holy Thursday

June 11 — Our Lord's Precious Blood and pieces of His Heart muscle descend to the mountain in Naju

June 30 — Our Lord sheds tears from the Cross on the Blessed Mother's mountain near Naju

July 9 — ‘The time of God's judgment of justice is not far off...’

August 2 — Message from Our Lord and Julia’s vision of souls on the road to hell

August 15 — Message from Our Lord on the Feast of the Assumption

October 19 Photos of Our Lord's Precious Blood on the Blessed Mother's Mountain



February 28 — Messages from Our Lord on Ash Wednesday

April 1 — ‘There is no more time to procrastinate’

October 19 — ‘I will give one more chance to the children who have lost their sense of direction’

November 3 & 6 — ‘Make haste to repent, as before not too long it will be the time of harvest’

November 8 ‘The time of stern judgment of justice is drawing near

November 9 ‘Make haste to wake up and pray so that you may be saved from the chastisement’

November 9 — Stains of Our Lord's Precious Blood and Our Lady's tears of blood at the Stations of the Cross on the mountain near Naju

November 24 — Another miraculous descent of the Eucharist


April 23 — Messages from Our Lord and Our Lady on Easter Sunday

June 13 — Our Lord and Our Lady urge us to pray for peace and unity in Korea

June 18 — Feast of the Holy Trinity

November 2 — Our Lord’s message on All Souls’ Day


May 8 — ‘Numerous children are deviating from the orthodox teachings of the Church’

December 8 — ‘Seek the highest goodness and love in your faith’

December 21 — ‘Remain awake and pray so that you may escape from the flames of justice’


February 2 — ‘Be the light that repels darkness’

April 12 — Our Lord's message on Easter Sunday


May 25 in Hong Kong

June 12 — Miraculous descent of the Eucharist during Bishop Paul Kim’s visit

June 30 — 12th anniversary of the Our Lady’s first weeping in Naju

August 27 — The Eucharist descends for the seventh time during Fr. Spies' visit


June 30 – July 2 — The 13th Eucharistic miracle in Naju and the Stigmata on Julia's hands

September 17 — A Eucharistic miracle in Sibu, Malaysia


June 30 — A miracle of the sun and a Eucharistic miracle

July 1 & 2 — Seven Sacred Hosts descend to the Chapel in Naju

September 22 — Eucharistic miracle witnessed by Bishop Roman Danylak

October 27 — ‘Love the Holy Father with a filial love’

October 31 — The Holy Father witnesses a Eucharistic miracle through Julia

September 24 — A Eucharistic miracle witnessed by pilgrims from the Philippines

November 2 — A Eucharistic miracle in Kailua, Hawaii

November 24 — Eucharistic miracles during the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio's visit

April 8 & 14 — ‘Do not look to the world, but to Jesus on the Cross’

June 27 — ‘Pray for the Pope. Support and protect him’


May 16 — Second Eucharistic miracle in Naju

September 17 & October 19 — ‘From Korea, my love and victory will spread to the entire world’


October 4 — ‘Prayers of deep love are needed for the Church’

January 8 — ‘More prayers are needed. Greater sacrifices and atonement are necessary’

August 26 & 29 — ‘A huge spiritual battle has begun already’

October 14 — ‘My words spoken with tears of blood’

November 26 — ‘My Heart is hurting so much because of many children who live in sins’


December 8 Translation updated 2014

November 6 Translation updated 2014

September 14 Translation updated 2014

July 29 Translation updated 2014

July 27 Translation updated 2014

July 24 — Julia saw Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell  Translation updated 2014

June 5  Translation updated 2014

February 4  Translation updated 2014

January 30  Translation updated 2014

January 10  Translation updated 2014

January 1  Translation updated 2014



December 11  Translation updated 2014

October 19  Translation updated 2014

July 15  Translation updated 2014

June 27 - 30  Translation updated 2014

June 13 - 15  Translation updated 2014

May 12 & 17  Translation updated 2014

April 18 - 23  Translation updated 2014

March 13  Translation updated 2014

February 13 & 25  Translation updated 2014


November 5  Translation updated 2014

October 29 & 31  Translation updated 2014

October 19 - 23 - First Tears of Blood  Translation updated 2014

September 15 Translation updated 2014


July 18 & August 11 — First messages Translation updated 2014
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