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I witnessed a miraculous descent of the Eucharist in Naju

While we were praying the third decade of the Glorious Mysteries, Julia said that light was radiating from the Crucifix and the Blessed Mother’s statue. So, I was looking in that direction without interruption. Then, suddenly, a white object came down from the direction of the Crucifix. It came down like a snowflake or a white butterfly. My eyes were following the movement of the object. It landed between Julia, who was in severe suffering, and Father Raymond Spies. Someone shouted, “It is the Eucharist,” and all the people in the Chapel swarmed to that area. I also rushed to see and saw a Sacred Host!

Oh, marvelous Mystery of the Eucharist! Jesus reveals it even to a sinner like me. How can I describe such an amazing event. . .  What a sweetness, joy, delight, peace and love! My heart was beating fast. Trembling, I called the Lord and promised: Jesus Who is alive in the Eucharist! Now, let even this sinner start living a new life, without rejecting the Lord and the Blessed Mother. Until the Lord calls me, let me live according to the messages from the Blessed Mother, who said “I want you to win victory in the war against three enemies (the flesh, the world, and the devil) and be totally and courageously loyal, displaying more vigorously the power of love in joy, love and peace.” Glory be to the Lord alone. Amen.

Immaculata Bun-min Han and 23 others. 5-88 Hongwun 2-dong, Seodaemun-ku, Seoul, August 27, 1997

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