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My name is Agatha Lee, from Moonbaek in the Choongchung Province.  I received lots of graces in Naju today.  As I left home this morning, it began to rain.  So, I prayed that it would not rain today so that I might make a good pilgrimage.  While I was in the train, I smelled a powerful fragrance for quite a while.  I was wondering from where such a strong fragrance was coming.

When I arrived at the Blessed Motherís mountain in Naju, I smelled the same strong fragrance covering the whole mountain.  I was amazed and overjoyed.  One never gets tired of the Blessed Motherís fragrance, however long one might smell it.  In addition to the miracle of the fragrance, severe pains that I had in my chest were all gone.  I began feeling so comfortable. 

When I walked to the statue of Our Lord praying at Gethsemane (on the Blessed Motherís mountain) and began praying, holding His hand, I was surprised to feel a live pulse in the Lordís hand.  I could clearly feel that it was not my pulse but the Lordís, as the two were very different.  I had always known that Jesus was alive, but, because of this experience of His pulse, I have become more convinced that Jesus is alive and present with us. 

After each pilgrimage to Naju, I become filled with joy.  I am so happy, because I have received lots of graces from the Blessed Mother of Naju.

Agatha Lee
458 Sangdae-eub, Goha-ri
Moonbaek-myun, Jinchon-gun
Choongchung Province
July 7, 2002

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