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“Many people who were away from the Church are coming back...”

I thank God for blessing my priestly vocation and, especially, for giving me an opportunity to visit Naju, Korea.

In September 1996, Julia was scheduled to visit Sarikei, which is a small city in the Diocese of Sibu in Sarawakm, Malaysia, to spread the Blessed Mother’s messages.  Her visit could not be officially publicized because Malaysia is an Islamic country.  However, more than 3,000 people came to see and hear Julia at Sacred Heart Cathedral on September 17.  Before hearing Julia’s testimony, a Mass was concelebrated with His Excellency Dominic Su, the Bishop of Sibu, and several other priests.  After this event, very many Catholics who had been away from the Church came back and made their confessions.  Usually, most of those who come to church are elderly people, but, during Julia’s visit, there were so many young people also. 

Among them were those who had not made their confessions for more than 10 years; in one case, even for 40 years.  They repented their sins and came back to God.

Even after Julia left Sibu, people are making more frequent confessions and attending Mass more fervently.  The number of people who attend not only Sunday Masses but also weekday Masses has increased.  I am thankful to God for so many conversions occurring after hearing the Blessed Mother’s messages through Julia.

—Rev. Paul Chi, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, June 7, 1997

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